Top 5 Supernatural Webtoon Originals

Top 5 Supernatural Webtoon Originals

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The human race has been fascinated by stories of unseen and enigmatic forces since the dawn of storytelling itself. This is why the supernatural genre is one of the most popular in the entertainment industry.

The supernatural genre has been around in one form or another since the early days of entertainment, featuring elements of science fiction, fantasy, ghosts, demons, zombies, gods, vampires, and other unworldly entities.

If you've had enough of your human problems, there are worlds out there to escape to, where ghosts are real, demons are more literal, werewolves are not only real but sexy, and drinking of blood seems cool. Of course, we're talking, about the Supernatural; It sometimes borders on terror, yet other times it's light-hearted and humorous, even as it delves into the unexplainable, they open up a world of possibilities.

If you're looking for a break from the ordinary, this collection of some of the best supernatural webtoons ever is precisely what you need to start exploring the paranormal universe of the supernatural.

Without further ado, let's get right into it. Here's the Top 5 Supernatural Webtoon Originals!

duty after school by ilkwon ha supernatural webtoons originals review on otherworlds inc
Afterschool War Activities

Every now and then, we come across stories about a global invasion, and this series stands out among the many that I've read as it focuses less on supernatural entities and more on the characters and their emotions.

This series is underrated and does not receive the credit it deserves. It isn't some poorly written silly story. It has a lot of depth and substance, and it left me feeling both moved and devastated. This one deserves to be read.

Also known as Afterschool War Activities, this comic is a thrilling and heartbreaking story about a group of high school students who form a reserve battalion to aid in the protection of the country from Slime-like creatures. Forced to risk their lives against their will, how would a platoon of young, inexperienced soldiers survive?

And as things become more hazardous, it becomes evident how much they'll have to mature in order to survive. But are they truly able to? And how will they evolve in other ways along the way? Check it out to find out.

Author Quote:

Bram Stoker

"Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring."

muted by miranda mundt supernatural webtoon originals review by otherworlds inc

Muted is a great way to delve into the witchy side of the supernatural, with an LGBTQ theme that was presented in a very appealing and non-cliched way. Everything about this webtoon is just incredible: the graphics, the plot, the characters. A true work of art!

Camille Severin, a teenage witch, must undergo a rite after turning 21 in order to maintain her family's line of prosperity. Unfortunately (or thankfully, perhaps), it goes horribly wrong, leading her into a rabbit hole of secrets about herself and her family. And, given Camille’s family's history of powerful witches, you can bet this will be a grand adventure.

hive by Kyusam Kim supernatural webtoon originals review by otherworlds inc

Another invasion narrative, but this time the world is being infested by massive oxygen-doped bees. I wouldn’t recommend it if you suffer from a severe case of entomophobia (Fear of ants).

With that out of the way, Hive is an intriguing, action-packed webtoon full of mysteries and surprises with well-developed characters and excellent visuals. At first glance, it appears to be another zombie apocalypse with enormous insects, but it's much more than that. It was one hell of a ride reading this comic!

The plot centers around Lee, an ordinary office worker who is primarily concerned with one thing: saving his family from the bug apocalypse.

The story started with a creepy, ominous apocalyptic vibe that kept me focused and engaged. I also love how the MC evolved from being a regular office worker to a monster who’d torment his victim for not answering a question right away. Our MC here, however, isn’t the greatest/ favorite, Mr. Gramps is. You've just got to love the old dude.

unholy blood by Lina Im / Jeonghyeon Kim supernatural webtoon originals

One of the few vampire stories done right, 'Unholy Blood' also known as white blood is not the traditional vampire romance story popularized by so many post-Twilight books and films. Although there is romance, it is secondary to the action and the main plotline, which is driven by the protagonist's quest to avenge her family against vampires. It's a thriller at heart, and a fine one at that, with nothing in the way of clichés and no obvious plot twists..

This story follows a girl, Hayan Park who has always desired to live a regular human life, but her chances of doing so were taken away by vampires. Forced to seek vengeance, she reveals her darkest secret in order to cleanse the world off pureblood vampires. She steps up to protect her loved ones, face her past, and exact her retribution with the help of a rising star in the local police department who turns out to be a vampire. But would she succeed?

The art style was one of the factors that drew me to this webtoon. This artwork is just breathtaking. The illustrator's style and the way everything is drawn, colored, and shaded are all very fascinating. Hayan Park, the main character, literally owns my heart; after all, who doesn't appreciate a strong and fierce heroine?! She's also very beautiful.

Glacias Collectors Volume Bookcover

Line Webtoon

Top 5 Supernatural Webtoon Originals

Honorable Mentions:

Don’t you find it ridiculous for a mermaid to need swimming lessons? That's exactly what piqued my attention to this particular webtoon and they didn’t disappoint. Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid by YONGCHAN will leave you speechless. The storytelling and twist are just on point, it's also really charming and humorous, and it includes one of the few love triangles that I enjoy.

If you're looking for a lighthearted webtoon with a supernatural twist, look no further. Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell by unfins is the one for you. This webtoon is even stranger than its title suggests. Absolutely hilarious, and beneath the whole craziness there are some interesting twists hidden. It's Genius!

Want a rollercoaster ride of emotions that would shake your inside out? Dark Mortal by JeonYeok Lee will take you down that road. Yeah, it's dark and tragic, but it's also charming and full of family love. It’s a fantastic webtoon that is a master at manipulating emotions.

lalin's curse by Isakytm supernatural webtoons originals review on otherworlds inc

Lastly, Lalin’s curse, the fact that I binge-read the entire first season of this webtoon in a single day should speak enough about how engrossing it was to read. Looking forward to season 2!

Known for its dramatic twists, characters, and visuals, the first season of Lalin's Curse is no less than a true piece of genius. You're missing out big time if you haven't read this webtoon.

Throughout the story, we learn about a young lad named David, a skeptic of the supernatural, always on the watch for anomalies around him. Upon discovering something dreadful, he alongside his skeptical friends set out to investigate.

Because it's aimed at a younger audience, the visual style is kind of cute-spooky with a Supernatural vibe for kids, but I can assure you that it's fantastic for people of all ages. All of the characters are well-developed. This comic will have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through as you see friendships tested, curses cast, and murders committed.

That concludes today's list of the Top 5 Supernatural Webtoon Originals. Leave your opinions in the comments area about what you think of the list and which characters you think should’ve been featured on it.

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