How Re: Zero Season 2 Part 1 Has Changed

Holding onto a Repeating Tragedy:

Re: Zero Starting Your Life in Another World Season 2 Part 1 is by far the most loved and popular anime of the Summer 2020 lineup.

The sequel brought back a lot of the gore and trauma that the first Season was known for, and to add, in Season 2 of Re: Zero, the franchise went through a lot of unexpected changes and just surprised everyone, to say the least.

So, let's take a look at Re: Zero Season 2 and see how these changes affected the show.

To start things off with the most notable change, unlike the previous Season, Re: Zero Season 2 does not jump from one part to the next all that much. The series starts right after the events, the tragedy at the end of season 1, and continues through the Everlasting Contract Arc and that is it.

And in that, the plot also went through a lot of modification where Subaru's biggest weapon, the Return by Death ability, proves to be notably ineffective against the hurdle at hand.

The previous cycle where the knowledge Subaru gained after each death proved to be useful in the next set of repeated events is just not effective here. Each time Subaru returns, the events do not play out in the same manner as the last sequence, and that leads to our next point.

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Re: Zero Season 2 is worth watching

Lingering Shadows of the Past.

Although Subaru was led to believe they would have the upper hand in any situation because of the return by death ability, as previously mentioned, each time he comes around, some new bit of information is revealed to him.

Due to this, his actions lead to seemingly more deaths than before.

Moreover, a whole lot of stuff from the previous events is also brought up where one of the village kids turns out to be a part of the witch's cult, and the real mastermind behind all the previous events is also revealed.

So, Subaru here is essentially alone, where his friends from the previous Season are just not there to help him out. Instead, he gets help from a surprisingly unique group—the Witches themselves.

The Witch's Tea Party:

The Witch's Tea Party is by far the most critical plot point in season 2, where Subaru gets to meet the actual witches.

Here finally, we get to see what the witches are actually like, and this clarified a lot of the questions that the fans had from season 1.

This change from the corrupted or incomplete/cryptic information that we get throughout the season 1 is a refreshing change that made the show even better and all the more exciting.

Each New Episode is Better Than the Last.

But the most significant effect that Season 2 of Re: Zero made sure to focus on; was to finally give the fans what they wanted. Each episode of Season 2 was action-packed and did not have a single moment where the series felt stagnant and slow like season 1.

But rather, despite being stuck in the same place, each new episode was more refreshing than the last and made season 2 even better the critically acclaimed Re: Zero season 1.

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