Elevate your passion at Otherworlds Inc. As storytellers and world-builders, we’re crafting the next wave of mesmerizing tales.

At Otherworlds Inc, passion meets potential. As current students of Full Sail University, we're infusing our academic knowledge with hands-on innovation to pioneer a transformative space in comics, games, and animation. Our start-up is more than just a dream; it's an evolving reality. With every line we draw and story we craft, we inch closer to reshaping the world of immersive storytelling. Dive into our universe, join our journey as World-Builders, and become part of our story.

Operations Manager


Become the heartbeat of Otherworlds Inc. Navigate our start-up voyage, weaving operations into success stories.

Marketing Agent


Harness the magic of the market! Channel your strategies to cast our start-up narrative into the spotlight. Email Marketing Experience or Social Media Marketing are a Plus!

Internship Program


Leap into a realm of endless potential. At Otherworlds, we mentor pioneers and shape careers. Join, learn, evolve, and shape new worlds.

Why Interning with Otherworlds Inc. is the Best Decision You'll Make:

Stepping into the world of Otherworlds Inc. as an intern is much more than a typical experience—it's an exploration, an adventure. Just like you, we're on a journey to make our mark in this vast universe of creativity. Being a startup, we're not bound by the rigid hierarchies of more established studios. This means our interns don't just fetch coffee or make copies; they are instrumental in the very process of world-building.

As an artist, marketing student, or game developer, the horizons here are uncharted. You'll be shoulder-to-shoulder with passionate authors and visionary creative leaders, designing realms, sculpting stories, and pioneering projects.

Imagine working in a place where your voice doesn't echo in voids but makes waves, where your ideas are not just heard, but celebrated. Otherworlds Inc. offers that exact platform. As we grow, the horizons expand, bringing forth more opportunities, more job openings, and more security. But it's not just about the future. It's about the now. The experience here is immersive, hands-on, and radically different.

Dive into a realm where your internship isn't just about adding a line to your resume but about crafting tales, shaping universes, and being part of something bigger. Make your mark with Otherworlds Inc. and let's redefine the narrative together.

Animation Jobs

2D Animator


Craft tales that dance across the canvas. Breathe life into stories, frame by enchanting frame.

3D Animator


Sculpt motion in a three-dimensional realm. Elevate our narratives with depth, dimension, and dynamism.

Lighting Artist


Be our beacon, illuminate our worlds. With each shadow and gleam, set our stories alight.

Artist Jobs

Concept Artist


Sketch the seeds of fantastical realms. At the first stroke, lay the foundations of our immersive stories.

Graphic Designer


Weave visuals that captivate and resonate. Craft the essence of Otherworlds into every design. Web Design Knowledge is a plus!

Manga Artist


Ink tales that transcend boundaries. Let emotions flow through panels, marrying art and narrative. Are you the next Manga Legend?


Chart Your Way in Our Creative Studio

How to Apply at Otherworlds?

Here's how you step into our universe:

  1. Email First: A crisp email, your portfolio or resume linked, is your gateway. (Hit that Contact Button, or email at Contact@Otherworldsinc.com)
  2. Socialize with Intent: Engage with us on social platforms, follow, and be present.

Why the two-pronged approach? It's our litmus for your genuine intrigue. Joining us on social media? It's less about clicks and more about commitment, a nod to your readiness to bolster our essence and trajectory in every realm.

A small tip: Dive into our story. Familiarize yourself with our pursuits. It’s not just a job here, it's a collective vision. And by being in the know, you're not just applying; you're aligning.

In our budding cosmos, you won't be a mere cog; you'll be a collaborator, sharing the canvas with every soul here, including those at the helm. We're not just seeking hands; we're inviting hearts, passion-pulsing, ever-eager to craft, elevate, and resonate.

Ready for an adventure in creation? With us, every tale is more than a story; it's an art form. Let's script it, shall we?

Game Dev Jobs

3D Modeler


Mold stories into tangible realities. Be the hands that craft the tangible from the intangible.

Game Designer


Architect realms of play and exploration. Craft experiences that enthrall players in our Otherworlds. Must have 3 years of experience.

Game Developer


Code dreams into digital destinies. Let every line of code echo with our start-up’s spirit. Must know one of these Programming Languages (C++, Python, or C#)

Writing Jobs

Beta Readers


Dive deep into narratives, surfacing treasures and pitfalls. Guide our tales to unmatched excellence.

Guest Blog Writers


Enrich our universe with your words. Lend your voice to our expanding cosmos, one post at a time.

Acting Jobs

Voice Actor


Lend life to our characters with your voice's magic. Echo the souls of Otherworlds, making legends audible.

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