Top Ten Fantasy Canvas Webtoons

Top 10 Fantasy Canvas Webtoons

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With the Top Ten Fantasy Canvas Webtoons the human imagination must reach new heights. It is rather fascinating to think that there is always room for fresh ideas considering how many works are published or posted each day.

Coming up with completely new worlds and assuming the role of Gods in these universes . . . We've definitely inherited that trait from our creator. Bringing out the best the human mind has to offer, fantasy genre utilizes imagination to the fullest and brings us such captivating thoughts and ideas. With these ideas at times, it's impossible to prefer our real world over the one that exists ‘on those pages’.

Webtoon is the go-to place when you're looking to get amazed, just wanting to let your jaw hit the floor as hard as it can. The canvas section more often so hits the mark since all these publishers are full of talent waiting for the right people, the right fans to give them that 'boost' needed to bring a masterpiece to life.

So, let's dive into the realm of imagination and have a look at the Top Ten Fantasy Canva Webtoons that would show you the wonders of human imagination.


The Dragon Tutor

When it comes to a webtoon about dragons, royalty and kingdoms, we're expecting to see conspiracies, coup de tats and just ‘fire’ all over the place. I'm pretty sure the title's already given away that you won't be seeing anything like that, least not at the start...

Dragons, creatures that have a lot of legends about them ranging from being ‘war weapons’, assuming the role of a guardian or just being race vehicles (I'm not joking). But never has a dragon been there to save the prince from a ‘marriage conspiracy plot’ and the irresponsible attitude of the previous generation only makes things worse for the child who's getting 'inspected'.

Zephyr, a dragon unlike you've ever seen before is ready to lend his skills and be hailed as the savior of the kingdom in this journey that's so nostalgic, so funny and unique that's it's hard to not get excited every other week.

Author Quote:

Dr. Seuss

"Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent."


The Reaper and The Waiting

Death Gods and Grim Reapers have been shown in so many anime at this point that it's not even funny. The Reaper and The Waiting shows us probably one of the most kind hearted reapers the screen has ever seen. I mean he does what a reaper does, but he hasn't lost the heart that separates him from a ‘human’.

Everyone has a past, a tragic one would scar you for life. Some make a memory more than just a nightmare, others a halcyon bliss ready to make you smile every other day, but with this story there is something heartfelt.

The mysterious, kind, rather tsundere soul accompanying the reaper on his quest with his dog is a journey worth joining. This sounds pretty ‘normal’ till now, right?


Suihira: The City of Water

Let's face it, we've all wanted to visit a mythical place that only legends speak of. Whether it's Atlantis or the sky castle from Laputa, it's safe to say that some places are rather worth leaving the planet for.

Wahida, the princess herself is no different when it comes to those thoughts for she also yearns to visit the holy city of water, that being Suihira itself and she might beat a lot of these ‘Atlantis fanboys’ here in the real world at that. Plus, as they say, if you truly want it, if you truly see yourself there, it will happen blah blah. But seriously Akia, when are you making your grand appearance here in my room? I can give you an address if you want! But nothing is as it seems, especially when it comes to things like these and the blinded Wahida has no idea what she's in for.


Robin and The Fowl

As if the nostalgic art wasn't enough to draw you all in, the series has that Zelda owl to make sure you aren't lost and are reading the right series! He doesn't do that head spin though.

Lying in the park after a long day and having feathers grow all over your body after an ordinary encounter with a bird sure gives you some hard PTSD, but in a world where witches and humans have a ‘not so good history’, isn't that to be expected? Especially, if your mother is a witch and the very person who cursed you.

So many mysteries with just a few chapters in, they sure know how to keep the viewers glued to the screen, but with the two birds together with one calling the other ‘chicken’, a small town embraces them ready to answer all the questions she or you might have. I highly suggest catching up soon before it turns into an Original which seems to be happening a lot with good Canvas Webtoons lately.



Giving a whole new concept to the spiritual world, making trees be the proof of the life we lead towards adulthood. They sure took the wooded scenic drive a little too seriously, no?

If this was real then the world would be 90% trees to be honest cause I couldn't even think of what I want for breakfast when I was 18! Well, I still can't but you get my point.

When it comes to the real world there are things ‘set in stone’, things that are the same for almost everyone out there, but anomalies exist and one such discrepancy has Ollie really disturbed. With his 'tree' following a completely different route, making the boy all the more anxious.

Join him and his friends as they try to uncover as to ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ is this happening. It delivers the suspense and mystery elements pretty well and that truly adds to the already unique story Flora has to deliver.


The Witch and the Beast

You know how they give you that warning at the beginning of almost every other webtoon saying it's ‘graphic’ and all that? This is the real deal. With vampires that send a chill down your spine. The ‘trio' alone at the very first chapter sets the mood perfectly, in addition to a rather ‘heated’ exchange of blood. Its truly one sided of course cause vampires.

For a long time in the beginning, I kept thinking was Alucard from Castlevania was being featured on the webtoon platform? Then again every other ‘peak vampire’ is just like him.

Just why did the vampire lord decide to ally himself with humans when they pleaded them for help against those demons? Having a ‘memory’ he boasted of himself, has he forgotten about how the human race turned to the witches to reduce them to mere ashes not long ago? It just raises a lot of suspicions with every other vampire in the court having a completely different and original personality. A lot of genres, a lot of characters, a lot of twists... this is surely a comic worth investigating.


Winds of Spring

Why is this on canvas? Hello? Look at the details! Just so professional to be honest. Starting off with that preface about the hunter and the prey, it's only natural that we're ‘all eyes’ the very next second.

It's possible to be a part of the royalty, gods to be precise and still be normal and humane. Turul, being the most adorable grown girl I've seen in a while, had me mesmerized with her beauty and that dress that was such a banger that I wanted the creators to come up with that in the form of ‘merch’.

We've had our share of these fathers who are just too arrogant and full of themselves, just trying their hardest to get that ‘pops of the decade’ award... and this story does not steer from that trope.

When the witches task Turul to embark on a journey that would 'draw out her true potential' and set her as an original goddess, it's only natural that the pure heart is excited since it might be her only opportunity to live with her father, the one she wanted to hear those words of praise from, but something a lot more magical awaits her somewhere completely different.

Glacias Collectors Volume Bookcover

Line Webtoon Canvas

Honorable Mentions:

There can't be a top 10 list without some honorable mentions, right?

Here are some titles that may not have made the Top Ten Fantasy Canvas Webtoons, but sure as hell got close.

In case you have binged all others and are still on the hunt for that dose of fantasy you just can’t get enough of.

El-leanor is a title mixing magic, mystery and fantasy, making the most unique brew come to life.

Arthwind which is literally a dive into the best imagination has to offer.

Punderworld which shows you a side of Hades that you weren't expecting at all and Blacksun which is just adrenaline and excitement through and through.

Be sure to check them out!







Having the most isekai start ever, they had us in the first chapter, not going to lie. The thing I loved the most about Lunora was how it approached the whole story.

Drawing every reader all in and introducing these flashbacks every other chapter that makes everyone become Sherlock Holmes himself, just to be at the mercy of H.S. Crow for he knows the answers to all the queries we have every other week.

Yet, despite all that, Iko is one to look out for with the combat making full use of the setting of the ‘unknown warrior’, making those birds look like mere pigeons and a journey that's sure to be one hell of a ride down the road. Despite being a protagonist in a relatively ‘similar’ setting, Iko stands out pretty well in addition to the whole universe which makes things feel all the more original and never bland by any means.

Learn more about my recent review of Lunora, here.


Black Horda

Okay, if I ask you whether it's possible to come up with a fire action webtoon would you say yes? Of course, God of High School doesn't count, and Lunora is still very new to determine that.

Let me answer that question with a yes myself and present to you what might be the closest we've got so far to having an ‘action fantasy anime webtoon’.

Black Horda just takes everything that made those ‘lightning fast, adrenaline pumping’ combat scenes so special and takes it up more than just a notch, making sure that the readers aren't disappointed at all every other week they tune in.

Also, with the characters and the story bringing out the best setting there is, it's safe to say that Black Horda isn't a title anyone should miss out on if they're looking for some good action, fantasy, supernatural blend.



It's obvious that this gets number 1 since they're the ones publishing it!'

Trust me, it kind of looks like the whole thing is 'rigged' but hear me out on this one. What made How to Train your Dragon so good? The bond it featured between man and the mythical creatures that terrify almost all of us was shown in such a beautiful manner that it made the movie a favorite in no time. Glacias takes this to unique levels.

Featuring a protagonist with one of the purest hearts on the Line Webtoon platform in addition to guilds and inns reminding you of the RPG games you played back in the 90's, Glacias is a must read for any webtoon fan out there.

It changes everyone's perspective on dragons whether you're the one reading it or the one who's a part of that very universe. I know it's kind of long but the creators have worked really hard on this one, having started back in November 2016 and they've amassed an audience that truly saw what the series had to offer.

Trust me, binging it would be a piece of cake. Learn more about Glacias, Here.

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