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till 2022.

Are you interested in submitting your book or comic to Otherworlds Inc for traditional publishing? Be sure to check out the Traditional Publishing Page to see if Otherworlds Inc is a good fit for your submissions project before beginning your submissions query.

Submissions Guidelines

 We provide our creators (authors and/or artist) with a full-service publishing experience, marketing support, and technical know-how, while ensuring these creative world builders are truly able to compete with a highly selective acquisition process.

For your convenience and ours, we ask that you submit only one work at a time. Please wait for a response before submitting a second project. Always lead with your best project first.

The Otherworlds Inc has a three step

Publishing Query Submissions Process

Checklists, Contact Info, Query


Read through our Production Checklist and Marketing Checklist to see if you and your project are prepared for submission.

Contact Info

If you're ready, complete the Contact Info Form to give us vital information about you and the project you wish to submit.


After completing the Contact Info Form completely, attach a copy of your project in the approved format and submit your Online Submission Query Form.

Production Checklist

(Your chances of being published reduce if you do not complete the list below)

Complete the Production Checklist prior to Submitting:

  • I read and self-edited my own manuscript with the critical eye of a hawk. 
  • I eliminated Head-Hopping, Passive Voice, Disembodied Body Parts, Dangling Modifiers & overused words. 
  • I ensured continuity in my story with names, places, dates, and other conventions being consistent. 
  • I researched the places, procedures, people, historical and scientific facts I am writing about. My world is well groomed and designed through adequate world-building and research. 
  • I made sure the characters actually grew and changed throughout the story. My characters are beautifully fleshed out and are not bland Mary or Gary Sues. 
  • I made sure all character actions make sense. 
  • I removed any and all unnecessary info-dumping. 
  • I worked hard to make sure my story shows more, instead of just telling. 
  • I have checked for unnecessary scenes, characters, and concepts… and exiled them out of my story. 
  • I have a strong ending for the book to stand alone, even if it’s a part of a series. 
  • I used the automated Spell & Grammar check in Word to spot any obvious mistakes. 
  • I asked 2-4 Beta Readers to read my book in order to spot mistakes and plot issues. 

Marketing Checklist

(Your chances of being published reduce if you do not complete the list below)

Complete the Marketing Checklist prior to Submitting:

  • I have a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and update it at least once a week. 
  • I understand that I will need to meet and advocate myself and my works as an author.
  • I am comfortable with selling myself, my book, and my ideas. 
  • I must be my own publicist to help promote and sell my works alongside the efforts of my publisher. 
  • I am prepared to follow the guidance of the marketing, editorial, and production team. 
  • I understand that the publisher’s vision for my cover might not match my own (though they will try). 
  • I understand that the editor’s vision for my book might not match my own (though they will try).  

Submissions FAQ

What happens after I submit?

Once you have completed the Contact Info Form and uploaded your project in the correct format, your submissions query will be reviewed by our Internal Acquisitions Team. They will review your project, provide feedback, and discuss the merit of the project.

If your project is approved, we will contact you using the information provided on the Contact Info Form to initiate a conversation about Otherworlds Inc publishing your work.

If your project is rejected, we will send an email explaining our main reason for denial.

If your project is deemed promising but not ready, we may include a few notes of commentary or constructive criticism meant to help you improve.

How long do I have to wait for a response?

The Otherworlds Inc strives to complete our submission reviews on a quarterly basis. Unless submission volume is very high, you should receive a response by the end of the quarter. If you submit too close to the end of a quarter you may have to wait until next quarter.

Our quarters are as follows:

~1st quarter: January to March

~2nd quarter: April to June

~3rd quarter: July to September

~4th quarter: October to December

If we are are receiving a high volume of submissions, we may institute a three week halt on submissions at the end of a quarter. This will give us a chance to catch up, as well as time to be sure we are providing quality feedback. If this three week halt is in effect, there will be a notice on this Submissions page. You can also sign up for the Otherworlds Inc Newsletter to be notified immediately of any changes to the submissions dates or process.

Will I retain Creative Control?

While no changes to your project will ever be made without your consent, the journey to publication is a give and take process. The Otherworlds Inc strives to help you create the most dynamic and professional version of your work for publication. We will use our experience, education, and expertise to help you improve your work so it can compete in the market.

The situation may still arise where your artistic vision does not match our recommendations. Telling your best story is our mission, but it is a two way street. Otherworlds Inc will always listen to your voice and vision, unless the quality of the project can be improved which we would then discuss and work with you on.

Please remember that once you begin the traditional publishing process, creative control will be a shared status to ensure your voice is heard and our standards are met.

Do I have to pay?

No. The Otherworlds Inc WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO PAY FOR OUR TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING SERVICES. We are an independent traditional publisher, not a vanity press. The publication process will come at zero cost to you. All tasks are part of the traditional publishing services we provide. We pay expenses out of pocket, investing our own time and money in your success.

Publishing will come at ZERO COST TO YOU. In fact, if you ever receive a request for money regarding a traditional publishing service we provide, please notify us immediately- as it is a scam. The Otherworlds Inc does not recommend any traditional publishing process in which you are asked to pay upfront for services.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. The Otherworlds Inc has an Author Contract and a Non-Disclosure Agreement crafted by our legal team to protect You and Otherworlds Inc as we move forward. A copy of both will be given to you in the initial contact for your review before signing. The Otherworlds Inc recommends you review these documents with a legal professional.

The Author Contract will address topics including (but not limited to): pay rates, royalties, pay schedule, author copies, and contract termination.

How long until publication?

The time until publication will vary greatly based on the submissions project and improvements needed. There is no definite answer.

If you are invited to publish with Otherworlds Inc, we will have a timeline and dates for the next steps ready to discuss in our initial discourse, as well as copies of any necessary legal documents.

What if you are unsure about Traditional Publishing?

If you are hesitant to go the traditional publishing route, Otherworlds Inc also offers a variety of author services to help prepare your project for self-publishing.

Check out our Self-Publishing Page to see what tasks we can help you accomplish in your journey to publication.

Are YOU and your PROJECT ready for submission?

Production Checklist

Have you taken these steps?

Marketing Checklist

Have you completed these tasks?


Do you have a means of directly contacting you and your personal information ready to share?


Is your project in the correct format for its type according to our requested traditional publishing formats?

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