Top New Canvas Webtoons for 2021

2021 Canvas Webtoons

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When the word webtoon comes to mind we image Tower of God, God of Highschool and Noblesse all of a sudden, them being the 'big three' and everything.

Don't get me wrong, those are masterpieces through and through, but the thing about talent is that it's always there. These are titles waiting to be discovered and brought to the limelight by the very people who were moved by it, even mesmerized

The Canvas corner of the website is the perfect way to just have a look at some of the names we'll be seeing all over the internet a few months or years from now. Some will be created by people born to be legends in the art world and just needed a platform to shine on.

That's the best thing about it. You witness the growth, see the birth of a legend first hand, and it makes for an experience you won't be forgetting for the rest of your lives.

Truly, it'll be difficult to narrow down the list to a mere ‘10’ cause there are so many amazing titles just waiting for the right readers to pick them up, but I've come up with 10 names that truly stand out when compared to the rest. Hence the title, Top New Canvas Webtoons for 2021.

Will these be titles with new episodes and additions to the series every other week? Hell yeah! I'm tuning in the same time, the same day, just not the same week!

With that being said let's have a look at the some of the Top New Canvas Webtoons for 2021 that have the potential to do great, and you just can't sleep on.

Art Club Girl

Remember Nichijou? The comedy that was so cute it was just impossible to keep your heart from melting every other minute or so? Art Club Girl is like that, but in another dimension.

One where the glorious 'art' reveal happened a bit too soon and gave birth to a rather unexpected turn of events that makes the series all the more fun to read.

It features the Japanese school setting pretty well while blending in that 'not so anime' art style, doing a pretty good job at the execution. At first glance I was expecting to see something like Asobi Asobase, one of my favorite comedy anime of all time.

I was kind of disappointed, but not totally in despair cause of course, they're two completely different shows and bound to be different but Art Club Girl is something that should be appreciated for what it brings to the table.

Author Quote:

Dr. Seuss

"Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent."


A series being reborn and remade is something that gives the fans the privilege to go back in time and experience it all from a different perspective.

It allows for the fan to also reminisce on how everything was in the past, getting hit by that dose of nostalgia over and over and over again, making it something everyone should experience for sure.

Coming all the way from 2017, Winterscape has kept up with the times and is bigger, better and more enjoyable compared to its older self which lacks quite a bit when compared to its 2.0 we have ongoing today.

The art is what fascinated me the most cause it brings the vintage comic book style to the stage to deliver a performance we won't be forgetting for a while, making a lot of us add up to the audience the title has as of right now.

The Dark Orient

If I were to describe this series in one word it'd probably be, 'taking every genre to the very next level'.

With all this miasma making the 'Code Vein' players super interested already.

The Dark Orient doesn't pull back any punches with that level of depth when it comes to the story and characters.

The characters feel original and unique and the combat is one of it's strongest points. These are things that will be sure to make you a fan.

Everyone's a super 'Attack on Titan' fan in this day and age, no? Well, it's quite similar to that when it comes to combat as well, minus the 3D movements, and gear.

If it isn't showing a monster's 'terror' by it going berserk prior to the arrival of a 'Levi' has become every other anime lately.

With chimeras, shogun, generals and shepherds, it's just so much for you take in at first, but once you get used to it, you'll see for yourself that this series has potential to be great.


The first day at high school, college or any other educational institute can make a lot of us super anxious. It's only natural. I mean that's how UltraViolet drew in an introvert like me.

It drew in someone who saw so many similarities between the series and himself that it made me want to read it for 'that part' of it alone. That is before knowing that the 'cosmic' side of it was going to be something that made things a lot more interesting.

It honestly makes the famous 'Parasyte Migi taking over' reflect heavily in this webtoon. From arriving an hour or two before 'class is in session' to having to hear these puns that are not funny at all. How can they be so appropriate?!

I thought the webtoon was based off of my life or something, but it can also remind you of all these adventures you may have had with your friends back in the day.

So, get ready to remember some great memories.


A series that starts off giving you those 2014 Transistor vibes while making sure it's art and story is as unique as it gets.

Now that sounds real interesting, no?

The very first chapter does justice to the synopsis with that interview setting looking real tense. Also, Timmy doesn't shine at his brightest when he's a part of a situation like that.

We sure have a bunch of rather 'funny' faces in the losers club, right? No, I'm not joking. That's what the posse is called in this series and they have custom badges as well.

Merch hacks 101. Plus, the series made me feel color blind all of a sudden cause all I see is orange. Is that the same for you as well?

Snippets of Love

Again, just beautiful how these webtoons capture the ‘nostalgia’ so well, making us shed a tear or two every other day or so.

Great work indeed. Bringing the good old picture books to mind from everyone’s childhood.

Snippets of Love hits us with the best of both worlds featuring art that brings the best nostalgia has to offer and the romance setting that would make you feel jealous of the couple all of a sudden cause it's just too cute!

It doesn't matter if you're a romance fan or not, this is sure to hit you right in the feels and with not that far into the 'story', it's the perfect time to catch up with everything as soon as possible.

85 Unseen

Have you ever wondered how the 'night sky' would be if there were no stars to keep the moon company? What?! I'm the weird one for asking a question like that? Kids these days.

85 Unseen answers that very question really well and introduces a universe that has become one 'to explore' for all the sci-fi fans out there.

The thing I love the most about the series is that I saw it literally getting better and better every other chapter, be it the whole flow of the series, the art, the dialogue, everything in general.

Plus, there's Indian culture sprinkled here and there that gives more depth to the series while keeping everything 'on the real side of things' cause all these different names sure make us rather confused at times.

Glacias Collectors Volume Bookcover

Line Webtoon Canvas

Honorable Mentions:

These are titles that have a lot of promise, but it is still too early for me to determine the story or direction.

Let's bring in some fantasy cause we're sure missing out on the best thing that the human mind is known for, imagination and the ability to create entire universes from scratch. Tarot cards, when did we last see them in an anime or a manga? Only Abdul from Jojo comes to my mind. The story would be a really cool one with the Tarots and the tower setting, the fool coming across encounters that would tell us a whole new story every other week or so. Can't wait for the next one!

There is also a romance that is pulling a lot of strings at Chapter 1. These are titles that I am sure will grow into something great.

The Tower

Crows Devoured

The Ink Apprentice



So much left unsaid, so much left unseen, but still this manga is able to get a lot of us hooked 5 chapters in.

This title isn't one anyone should sleep on cause it's bound to bring a universe with the potential to be one of the most memorable in the new decade, and clearly one that'll be known on the whole webtoon website.

This is not just a series with a unique universe, but one whose choreography makes us all hyped since we're all suckers for the action genre.

There's also those flashbacks that keep reminding us how something's coming our way while explaining nothing at all. The author sure knows how to keep things spicy all the time.

It's something that serves as the best 'cliffhanger' in my opinion.