How To Photoshop With Art Director Ashevaili

The 18 year-old Art Director…

Sierra Ashe Rottman aka Ashevaili in the art community is known for her illustrations in the beautiful tale, Lunora and the Monster King, and for her work in the Stars of Glass and Lunora comic series. She is also recognized as the mother of the Caligo Universe, a massive fantasy exploring the mysterious and maddening mythology of the past. She is a talent also working on the Project Adrestia comic by Yaruno, author of Glacias coming out later this year. Recently, she commenced her mission in creating tutorials and unique videos logging her process as an artist in order to help her younger sister, an aspiring artist, and others like her–young or old.

Sharing information is one of the most fundamental ways to learn new technics and it was one of the methods Ashevaili learned during her years in high school. She hopes to join many of the great artist on youtube, and help the growing community.

One unique thing she will be including in her youtube channel is the creative exploration of not just her art, but also the profound undertaking that is 'Caligo'–a universe containing nearly every mythology across the world through a web of plots stretching eons. She was the first artist to join H.S. Crow in his insanity, and she's grown to share his dream in bringing such stories to life.

Life Quote:

Benjamin Franklin

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

Mother Leaf approaching the Child of Summer by Ashevaili


Fans now have a chance to explore the creative process behind her work, and the world H.S. Crow began.

Interested in becoming an artist, exploring new concepts and stories, or thirsty for fun and entertaining videos with quality content? Watch the video below and start now.

According to an interview, she plans to dive into art programs such as Adobe Photoshop and hopes to inspire more artist to reach his or her dreams.

We live in a world where anything is possible, if the effort is put. Start learning now, and click on the Dranail to follow her on Instagram.

Dranail Sigil from Caligo Mythology

Written by Lilith Iris Ethelwood

Ethelwood enjoys her coffee black like the sun, drifting beneath an unbearable white abyss, void of color and life, yet forever present. She loves to listen to the yowling fog, bearing the muffled screams of ancient apparitions while she writes. Life is good, the unnamed are watching . . .

Stars of Glass is coming out soon.

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Stars of Glass is coming out soon.

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