Lunora A Great New Isekai Webtoon

Lunora, every genre done right.

Lunora, a great new isekai Webtoon is not clickbait, but something serious to consider. Webtoon series are all over the place these days. I mean that's a given when we're all 'cooped up' in our rooms with nothing else to do and watching our favorite TV show for the 568th time doesn't quite hit us with that kick anymore. The result is simple, it feels rather boring and the desire to smash our head into the wall becomes more sound. Truth is, considering how thing are at the moment and have been for what seems like an eternity . . . many of the shows on mainstream outlets and comic platforms are running dry.

Plus, big and super Hollywood names like God of Highschool, Noblesse and Tower of God have been read by each and every one of us almost a million times now . . .

Many of us are always on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’ on the Webtoon website or app since that platform is not unknown to rising talent by any means.

It was just last year when I really started getting into webtoon and boy do they have something for everyone.

Every person on the planet will find something to read on this platform that is one of a kind and yet, there will still be a portion of the website 'unexplored' similar to Youtube.

So many ideas just waiting to get discovered by that ‘reader.'

An Epic Line Webtoon Fantasy

As all the readers can relate, the 'Staff Pick's' section is filled with glorious, wonderful, story-rich pages just waiting for you to eye them down from top to bottom. Finding a story that hits you makes the wait for the next chapter all the more difficult but all the more worth it at the very end.

We’ve all been there. Lunora was just another one of those series that the 'Webtoon Staff' just randomly recommended to me out of the blue a few months ago. Shout outs to whoever this ‘Staff’ person is, you are awesome!

Anyways, I started reading the series and I just couldn't stop. This had become that great new isekai webtoon I was looking for.

It was a journey that just 'sucked' me totally in. The moment I clicked on that 'number 1 chapter' it made me want to know more and more and more and more about the series, the characters, the universe, everything in general.

I was like a 3-year-old kid asking a gazillion of questions during his first visit to the zoo, bringing the best curiosity had to offer while making sure my parents have a headache by the end of the day and regret bringing me to that place with them.

Top New Isekai Manga

One that is bewitching the readers from the get go. Often this is a sign that the title you’re reading or the show you’re watching is going to be a hit no matter how long it lasts.

I'm pretty sure many of you agree with me on that one. Well, sort of . . . there is the last season of Game of Thrones, but we don't talk about that.

The best thing about Lunora is that it didn't stop at just that. The mystery elements making all these question marks pop up in our heads every other week with the team being considerate enough to answer our queries every now and then.

This just provided the fans what they wanted so bad without making them wait in those lines and queues that at times take a whole day just for a handshake with your favorite author.

Editor Quote:

Rogena Mitchell-Jones

"We edit your words, your writing, your sentences and paragraphs... but never your voice."

Fantasy Webtoons to Read

The characters, with expressions and actions that we've seen rather 'raw' and are all colored, animated, vibrant and full of life. A few weeks from now it just makes me super excited every other Sunday, making the wait all the harder every other week.

As they say, good things take time and witnessing a series unfold into something magnificent and nothing short of a masterpiece would be a thing of beauty and a thing to remember for a long time.

If this didn't convince you to just drop everything and head on to Line Webtoon or Tapas to read Lunora, then you're in luck cause I've got some 'anime series' as examples that would give you an idea of what you're missing out on.

Also, what you can expect the moment you make the name come up on your screen, making sure you’re doing those swipes every couple of seconds or so.

So, brace yourselves cause I've got a lot of nostalgia bullets all loaded up in my gun right here and I for sure won't be missing anyone who's reading this as of this moment cause let’s be honest, you aren’t that far away from the screen now, are you? Point Blank!


See? The name was enough to make you smile cause the trio with those adorable and ‘would make your heart melt in an instant’ personalities aren't one anyone can forget even when suffering from amnesia.

We’re going back to the last decade with this one so you better shake your head a bit. Remember the whole setting of Magi? Just sand and sand and sand and a lot more sand? Not only that, but the slavery that Morgiana was a victim of in the very first episode and was freed by the very duo who she would be going on all these adventures on later on in the series?

Slavery in the desert with a mysterious character popping up to save you when you're least expecting it? Lunora? Is that you? Do I see Iko beneath that mask? Sure, Iko isn't that lively and 'friendly' when compared to the likes of Alibaba and Aladdin, but that mystery about him with those flashbacks from time to time and the way it all began is what makes him stand out.

It's also what makes us want to see him through in both directions, just to figure out how it all happened and what's in it for almost everyone in the universe as we deep deeper into what the series has to offer.

It doesn't hold back any punches when it comes to the combat either, another strong point of Magi which it perfectly mimics and, at times, takes it up a notch is the choreography.

Lunora makes us 'see' the fight rather than look at the static images in front of us, trying hard to view them as ‘moving’ just to get dizzy from all that fast-paced imagination that no one has gotten used to even after all these years.

Log Horizon

I'm pretty sure the return of probably the best isekai of all time made everyone watch a good 50 episodes cause this title is as underrated as they get.

Bringing in the isekai genre when no one even knew what it meant, it can be rightfully called the grandfather of that word and truly the show that gave birth to the likes of Re:Zero and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime that we just can’t get enough of in this day and age.

When I first started reading Lunora, I'm not going to lie, it felt like an isekai to me, one that would rather be something else considering it ended up in the Staff Picks section rather quickly, a feat that's not easy to accomplish at all no matter what kind of a ritual you've been performing for the last month.

But it shifted gears rather quickly and showed us two alternative versions of the very character that got us to click on next as fast as we could.

Followed by birds and people taking a stroll in the desert, not sure who's walking who in that setting though and won’t be saying much either cause spoilers? Not a fan of them.

Log Horizon Shiroe vs Iko's Lunora

Now let's see how Shiroe and Iko stand up against each other cause they’re the face of the two series. Not giving in to the advantages they have over their opponents no matter how big they are, making sure they have a sound mind throughout the duration of the bout while analyzing and making it out of every situation almost unscathed . . . it's safe to say that they gravitate towards the 'cool, smart and won't yell all the time' protagonist category.

Sadly, its one where we rarely see characters from shows that have literally taken over the entire world, much like the entire milky way cause, who knows?

Maybe Aliens are Frieza fans themselves being one of a kind. Plus, another thing that makes the protagonists similar is how their pasts are rather unclear and we know next to nothing when it comes to their character or their life in general other than the fact that they've a 500 IQ and are quite adept at making their ideas work. Just a bunch of flashbacks and images here and there with the character getting migraines all of a sudden.

Well, Iko wins in that category cause he's been exercising his mind and his body while Shiroe is just a nerd.

That's not all, both characters fight adversaries who don't look human at all bringing some unique set of skills and fighting styles to the table, names as well that, at times, can be quite funny and interesting. See for yourself!

Fist of the North Star

‘Omae wa mou Shindeiru’ is here once again. But there’s no ‘Nani?!’ follow up to Kenshiro fans, you might feel a little ‘incomplete’. Authors! Here's a little 'tip' from a fan, make him say, 'Then stay blind' every other iconic battle, just the way Kenshiro utters those words just a couple of seconds before we see the face in front of him just blast to smithereens by his pinkie.

Yes, it makes it clear in an instant that it’s an anime from the previous century where every anime character was competing with Arnold Schwarzenegger all the time.

I mean that's what's so great about Fist of the North Star, it's just so op and macho that you can't help but feel the adrenaline whenever you're seeing those punks and the Japanese Western hybrid walking on the screen making all kinds of action happen in front of our very own eyes.

Oh my bad! I forgot to add in Bruce Lee as well, I didn't do them chops justice. Sure, the combat in Lunora isn't as fierce as we have in the good old Hokuto no Ken but the desert setting and a bunch of sand punks just asking to get their teeth kicked in, along with a protagonist that, when provoked, makes sure that you don't live to see the light of tomorrow makes them a duo, a dream crossover that probably wouldn't happen, ever in our lives.

But what's bad about dreaming and imagining the impossible? Isn't that what's most fascinating about aims and dreams?



I would've loved to draw in more references and I'm pretty sure each and every one of you would be able to think of a couple of them as well as we dive deeper into the series, get a couple more chapters and come to know more about the universe itself. But here are a few 'citations' that would give you an idea of how Lunora isn't a name you should be sleeping on by any means cause you aren’t doing yourself justice that way.

The dialogue is rather poetic at times, making the most melodious of conversations and letter combinations come to mind while pulling no punches when shifting to the rather badass style with characters talking about how they can kill each other rather easily. Slow down there birdie, everyone loves some roasted bird, no?


The Netflix adaptation of Castlevania from a couple of years ago, making everyone crazy about the long running Konami hit that just went silent for whatever reason. Well at least we got a banger of a show and with Isaac and his setting resembling so much to what we've seen in Lunora up to this point, you get the idea of what to expect from the desert and these people with slaves that think they’re Vegeta or something.

Heck, if you want someone wearing a mask and kicking ass no matter where he goes while his opponents think of him like any other cosplay wimp then look no further cause Hiei from Darker than Black and Iko from Lunora come quite close when it comes to that. Ever heard of the video game Pyre? No? What’ve you people been doing?

Stop playing Among Us!

Being one of my favorite games of all time, Pyre, was as unique of a game as it got back in 2017 or so. A few chapters in the series and I kept remembering how the whole universe was similar to the video game and that made me love the series all the more since the way it connected and brought the best of both worlds together was just marvelous to say the very least.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the webtoon cause it’s a must read if you’re into the mystery/suspense/action/ ‘birds fighting humans’ genre and are looking for some cool titles to view on the app considering how everything is right now.

I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed at all and would be coming back for more and more and more. Thus, it makes this title one of the biggest hits the app has to offer for 2021!

Want to start reading? Click on the comic platform you would like below, and yes, it is free.

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