4 Underutilized Gaming and Card Genres on Twitch

4 Underutilized Gaming and Card Genres on Twitch

Best Games to Stream on twitch for new Streamers 2021

Start Streaming on Twitch

With an astounding 9.3 million people streaming on Twitch in April and millions watching every day, the appeal of starting a Twitch channel is undeniable. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make a living playing video games or just doing what they love, right? But we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: finding success as a Twitch streamer is hard. There are literally millions of people trying to make it, and most advice for aspiring streamers just doesn’t work.

What does work? Finding your unique selling point (USP) in a sea of millions of creators and carving out a niche for yourself. Creating content that people will look forward to watching. And providing great interactions with your community to keep them coming back to watch your streams.

Luckily, there are some genres that aren’t overly saturated and present plenty of opportunities for the aspiring content creator. If you’re interested in any of these genres, then you’re in luck:


Chess is one of those few games that have managed to make a seamless transition to the virtual world. The release of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit has helped increase interest in the game too, and more and more people are looking to learn how to play chess.

Chess is a game that lends itself well to being livestreamed: there are popular platforms like Chess.com and Chess24, which let you play chess with people around the world through your web browser, and you can take your stream through your process of deciding what moves to make, as well as take their comments and suggestions.

Viewers love it when a streamer takes their comments to heart, and they’ll love it even more if they get to watch your journey as you rise through the ranks. Popular chess players like Hikaru Nakamura have also taken to teaching other streamers how to play chess on Twitch, so both experienced and rookie chess players have a chance of making it on Twitch.

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Author Quote:

Mark Twain

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”


There are over 2 million people following the poker category on Twitch, and there’s a great mix of big brands broadcasting live games and players streaming video poker games.

Poker is one of those games that exploded when mobile apps and online gaming became more accessible, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t at least know what poker is. However, people on Twitch don’t just want to watch players win games: they also want to hear commentary and get their questions answered.

A great poker Twitch channel should be able to teach viewers how to become great at poker, from how to limit your range and stay patient to how to network with other players and find others to play with. Don’t be afraid to lose, either – viewers like relatable streamers, and the occasional defeat can not only endear you to them, but also keep your ego in check.

Board Games

Board games saw a rapid rise in popularity even before the pandemic hit, and there are plenty of YouTube channels out there reviewing how board games are played and going through the rules.

What’s missing, however, are videos of these games actually being played. I guess watching a 16-hour recording of random people playing Monopoly isn’t the most exciting way to spend your weekend, but how about actually being there in the moment and experiencing the highs and lows with the players?

There’s plenty of opportunity for interacting with your stream when you play board games – both online variants and classic tabletop games – and viewers will enjoy joining you on your journey to understanding and mastering a new board game’s rules.

Tarot Readings

Virtual tarot readings have become all the rage in recent months, with many people advertising their services on Instagram and other social media sites. On Twitch, however, there are only a handful of tarot readers offering live readings to viewers.

This is a genre that you’re sure to find success in if you don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun with your chat. You could even make your channel a mix of livestreaming and tarot readings, so people can see how your cards unfold – both in-stream and in real life!

Success as a streamer can be pretty hard to attain, and one important thing to remember is that you’ll never have overnight success – no matter what genre you’re getting into.

Most successful streamers have been at it for years, and it takes even longer to finally see those views start trickling in. That’s why it’s important to stream something you actually like doing.

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How Alita: Battle Angel & Buffy Summers Compare 

The Importance of Social Media for Authors 

Lunora and the Monster King books

Lunora and the Monster King | An Adventure in Literature 

Written by Janice Dawson

I was skeptical of Twitch in the beginning, and even thought many of them were cringe-worthy. I finally gave in when my favorite YouTubers started Twitch channels, and I've been exploring new streamers ever since! These days, I'm exploring VTubers and getting really into the Holo Live scene, especially the comedic ones like Vulo the Face Borrower.


Haikyu VS Kuroko’s Basket


Haikyu VS Kuroko's Basket

The Top Sports Anime

Haikyu anime and Kuroko's Basket which is better?

Haikyu VS Kuroko's Basket is going to be a tough one to decide. These are two of the most popular and well-known sports anime of the last decade, have risen to the forefront of the genre, pushing it ahead in new and exciting ways.

So similar, yet so different. Both are based on manga that initially published in Weekly Shounen Jump, the world's most famous manga magazine, and were animated by the same studio; production I.G. Both appearing on multiple best-of lists and garnering high scores on aggregation websites.’

“But what if I'm not a fan of either of the sports?” you might be wondering if you haven't seen any of these shows. Well, I wasn't myself, and as a result of these anime's comprehensive portrayals of how amazing each sport is in its own way, I've grown a liking for both basketball and volleyball.

Before we begin, let me state that this is simply based on my opinion, and both of these series are fantastic in their own right, deserving of their current popularity and fanbase. I feel that, as with any question of taste, a viewer's decision to interact with any of these shows will be influenced by their personal preferences in entertainment. So, let’s get right into it!

The Best Shounen Anime


Both anime are about sport, centering their story around being a newly established high school team as they grow stronger while they face increasingly difficult opponents. with Haikyu!! focusing on volleyball and Kuroko no Basuke focusing on basketball. Both feature a team of two main characters (Hinata and Kageyama/ Kuroko and Kagami) who work together to become even more powerful.

They both share same sports anime clichés such as an almost entirely male cast (with the exception of a female manager or coach) and overpowered main protagonists. Haikyu's production focuses on the main cast's vulnerabilities and how they learn to overcome them, whereas KNB is focused on the antagonists’ (Generation of the miracle) overpowering strength and how the main cast learns to overcome it.

The majority of Haikyu's time is focused on the Karasuno team's skill development. KNB on the other hand emphasizes on the Generation of Miracles from the start, with an opening monologue depicting them as rivals from the protagonist's (Kuroko) past, with the only purpose of conquering them in the end.

Author Quote:

Oikawa Tooru

“Talent is something you bloom, Instinct is something you polish”



Haikyuu is a slice-of-life sports anime with characters who have remarkable mobility, skill, and potential but no unusual super abilities. They're depicted in a realistic way that's easy to relate to. They make errors, laugh about, and practice hard, and as the story unfolds, you'll witness how they evolve.

Haikyu characters are presented as relatively actual high schoolers who LOOK like ordinary high students playing on a reasonably ordinary high school level. Everyone in KNB looked like they should be in college! packed with basketball prodigies reputed to be so talented that if they went pro, they could revolutionize the game forever.

On the other hand, KNB is a fantasy with characters with special abilities ranging from Kise (Perfect copy) to Akashi (Emperor Eye) to Kuroko (Absolute Passing Skills), and then there's the ZONE! However, the series' intense antics, are exactly what most viewers want to see.

This point goes to Haikyuu as its More realistic and Relatable.


SEIRIN FIGHT! SEIRIN FIGHT! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! Those are the chants from KNB; this series is so filled with thrilling energy that viewers begin to cheer for the main team (speaking from personal experience).

Haikyu, on the other hand, is more on the calm and humorous side of things. The comic jabs were frequent, effective, and provided light relief in tense circumstances. However, it’s no match for KNB as most viewers, including myself, are suckers for action and exciting shows. On that note, this point goes to KNB.

Art style/ Visuals:

The art style of KNB is a lot cooler. The art style is vastly different from Haikyu's. All of the characters in KNB have broad shoulders, massive, well-defined muscles, and are exceedingly handsome, with the exception of Kuroko, who appears to be little. A number of them look like grown men, and they're all supposed to be able to cut an intimidating figure on the court, which I find cool.

The characters of Haikyu, on the other hand, are slim, pointed, and sleek. When compared to the grownups in the series, they appear to be a bunch of kids. The visuals of Haikyu are significantly superior to that of the KNB, as they are significantly more vibrant and colorful. Since we all know KNB is a little dated, it's a no-brainer. This point winds down with a tie which is going to make the Haikyu VS Kuroko's Basket even harder to pick from.


Kuroko is a complex character, but Hinata, however is quite interesting. When comparing Hinata with Kuroko, it's clear that Hinata has a much more appealing and well-developed personality. Kuroko is far too straightforward and cold as the story' protagonist due to his role as a shadow of the team. On the other hand, Hinata is the ideal protagonist who is usually in a positive mood and can easily switch once it’s game time. On that note, this point goes to Haikyu.

That's all for now folks! That’s my take on both series for the Haikyu VS Kuroko's Basket look through; kindly share your thoughts in the comments area. What team do you root for? Kindly let us know in the comments section in our social media.

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Haikyu VS Kuroko’s Basket 

Welcome to the N.H.K. is a Hidden Gem Anime 

Feathered Dragon by Ashevaili

How To Photoshop With Art Director Ashevaili 

Written by Daichi

I wasn't a huge fan of anime from the start, and I was one of those naysayers if you know what I mean. Then I decided to give anime a go, and boy! I've become a full-fledged fan, just like everyone else. I grew up watching anime and have always enjoyed writing; I honed my skills by writing about anime as it comes naturally to me. My all-time favorite anime is FMAB.


Black Clover: Magic Knight Captain Ranked


Magic Knight Captain Ranked

Black Clover

Top Ten Magic Knight Captains

Black Clover: Magic Knight Captain Ranked is going to be a unique venture. Black Clover, a new generation Shonen anime directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara is a typical shonen anime with magic, demons, swords, strong characters, fighting, and all the good stuff. Similar to Naruto, Bleach, and the likes.

Yuno and Asta, two orphans who were abandoned in a chapel on the outskirts of the Clover Kingdom, are at the center of the story. In a world where magic is everything, Asta was born without any, whereas Yuno was born with incredible magical abilities and the ability to control them.

The Clover Kingdom has several enemies, and they must protect themselves not just against foes from other nations, but also from terrorists from the Eye of the Midnight Sun (Byakuya no Magan). Fortunately for them, they have their Magic Knight squadrons to aid them.

The Order of the Magic Knight is a corps of chosen mages who serve as Magic Knights in the Kingdom's army. The organization's noble goal is to protect the Kingdom from all threats..

The Magic Knights are divided into nine (9) squads, each led by a skilled and powerful Magic Knight Captain. Each squad has its unique badge that matches the squad’s name, as well as distinctive robes that differentiate members of different squads.

The question, who among the magic knight captains is the strongest? has sparked a lot of debate in the community. Hence why we’re addressing it. Each of the captains has a unique fighting style that they incorporate with their magical abilities. Making them each all stand out. They’re all loved and respected by the people of Clover kingdom, and their strength and charm have won them lots of fans.

In this post, we'll be reviewing the Magic Knight Captains from bottom up. Let’s jump right into it!


Kaiser Granvorka (Purple Orca):

Following Gueldre Poizot's eviction for betraying the kingdom, Kaiser was appointed captain of the Purple Orca squad. He possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire with vortex magic, allowing him to produce magical whirlwinds that dispel other magic.

We don't know the full scope of his powers as he doesn't get a lot of screen time in the series. However, as the “Kingdom's Ultimate Shield,” his defensive skills are formidable. Despite this, he is a captain who is humble, kind, and capable.

Mangaka Quote:

Masashi Kishimoto

“When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred.”

― Madara


Rill Boismortier (Aqua Deer):

Rill was named captain of Aqua Deer at the age of 19, making him the youngest Magic Knight captain in history, he nevertheless acts childish at times. He uses painting magic alongside a paintbrush and palette to casts his spells.

He can generate and manipulate paint with his magical ability, allowing him to bring his sketches to life and create any element by painting it. He enjoys painting so much that he occasionally forgets about his captain responsibilities. Regardless, he is a capable and skilled captain.


Charlotte Roselei (Blue Rose):

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Charlotte is a noblewoman from House Roselei and the captain of the Blue Rose squad, an all-female squad founded on the notion that males are irrelevant (although they all started dating secretly) She places a high value on her duty to the kingdom and is uninterested in social activities. Charlotte appears to be a collected, cold person who is always in control of her emotions.

She is, however, uneasy around the Black Bull's captain, Yami Sukehiro, as she’s in love with him. She uses briar magic and can create a briar-like whip to utilize with her Magic. Her briars were originally red, but when the Roselei family curse triggered, she lost a bit of her magic and the color changed blue. As a noblewoman, captain, and ex elf host, Charlotte wields a vast quantity of magical power. One of the series strongest female character.


Jack the Ripper (Green Mantis):

Jack the Ripper, captain of the green mantis squad and a former commoner with a twisted persona. He enjoys fighting and is obsessed with severing anything with his magical blades.

Quite powerful, despite his personality. He sticks his tongue out the majority of the time and is also well known for his mischievous laughter in the series.

He uses slash magic, and as he fights, the blades adapt to his opponent's magic, enhancing his slashing abilities to the point of slicing through both spatial and gravity magic.

Determining the Captains for this Black Clover: Magic Knight Captain Ranked article was a bit tough, but worth diving into.

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Dorothy Unsworth (Coral Peacock):

Dorothy is a witch that fled the Witches' Forest and became the captain of the Coral Peacock Squad. For some reason she tends to sleep a lot, but most of the time is constantly aware of her surroundings regardless of the noise. She’s extremely energetic and adventurous when awake.

She uses dream magic to control anything and everything in her dream world (glamour world), and defeating her is the only way to get out. Aside from that, this spell makes the victims sleepy over time, and if they fall asleep in the world, they will never be able to wake up, thereby trapping them in an endless slumber.


Nozel Silva (Silver Eagles):

Nozel is the captain of the silver eagle squad and also the oldest son of House Silva, one of the Kingdom's royal families. He is an arrogant man who believes he is superior to everybody else. Despite his disregard for peasants, he prioritizes his responsibilities to the kingdom.

He uses mercury magic similar to his mother's (Acier Silva) steel magic, where he’s able to create and manipulate mercury at will. Due to his vast and efficient control of mana he’s able to combine both offense and defense by transforming his magic shape at will.

Nozel, who is very dedicated and still growing, is capable of quickly replacing William Vangeance on the list at any point.


William Vangeance (Golden Dawn):

William was a member of the Aqua Deer squad who ascended through the ranks to become the captain of the Golden Dawn. He is said to be the most likely candidate to become the next wizard king as he is very powerful and highly respected. William was born as an illegitimate child to a noble family and was assumed to be cursed because of a scar covering half of his face.

As a result, he was forced to grow up in the Forsaken Realm of the kingdom. He was given a mask by Julius Novachrono (the Wizard King), which he finds tacky but nevertheless wears. William uses arcane stage magic; World Tree magic. His world tree magic is very diverse, allowing him to absorb mana, cast healing and offensive spells.

What are your thoughts on the Black Clover: Magic Knight Captain Ranked so far? Better yet, what Captains would you have considered?

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Glacias Collectors Volume Bookcover

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Fuegoleon Vermillion (Crimson Lions):

Fuegoleon Vermillion, House Vermillion's eldest son. He is also the captain of the Crimson Lions. He was briefly replaced by his older sister, Mereoleona While he was in a coma and later returns to his position after recovering.

Fuegoleon is a noble knight who assesses people based on their true worth, and not their social standing as well as a polite nobleman with excellent leadership capabilities, motivating any soldier on the battlefield while also assuming command in any circumstances and issuing orders as required.

He uses fire magic, exceedingly powerful, and has been compared to Mereleona in terms of strength. His strength has reached unimaginable heights since receiving the fire spirit (Salamander). He's still developing since he's up against a lot of rivals in the series.


Mereoleona Vermillion (Acting Crimson Lions):

Mereoleona is house vermilion eldest daughter. She was temporarily elected captain of Crimson Lion when her younger brother (Fuegoleon) was in coma after fighting Patolli the leader of the terrorist group (eye of the midnight sun), she was also appointed captain of Royal Knights squad.

Mereoleona has never been interested in the traditional structure of the kingdom armies. Since leaving home to practice in the woods, roaming the kingdom fighting off wild magical beasts, she has gained physical strength and proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.

Her combat expertise, strength, and ability to use mana skin and mana zone are unequaled proving that she is indeed the “Lioness of the crimson lions”. Mereoleona remains the strongest female character in the series.


Yami Sukehiro (Black Bull):

Yami, our all-time favorite is at the top of the list! A foreigner from Hino nation who got lost and ended up in Clover Kingdom. Yami is noted for being a hot-headed, impulsive, and lazy character that can easily become furious over little concerns and issue death threats at the drop of a hat. He also spends a lot of time in the toilet and doesn’t like anyone disturbing. Nonetheless, he is a capable and well-respected captain.

In his signature style, he says, “Surpass your limits.” “Right now, right here,” he says, displaying a steadfastness that sets him apart from other captains. In light of the issue, Yami devises something new. Hence, surpassing his limits. He also instills it in his squad members, making them motivated and capable in their own right.

Yami is a brilliant swordsman with amazing reflexes due to his usage of ki. He uses arcane stage magic; dark magic that he basically channels with his katana. With his magic, he can attack, defend, strengthen, and constrain. This gives it a lot of versatility.

He can also unleash strong spells like Dimension Slash – Equinox and Death Thrust due to his mastery of mana zone, making him the strongest on the list. The aforementioned captains are all quite capable and excellent in their own right, but here is our ranking.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you agree with the list or do you think the captains should be ranked differently? Let us know what you think in the comments area or create your own Black Clover: Magic Knight Captain Ranked list! Thank you for reading.

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Baylee Jay | Author Beware of Publisher Bankruptcy 

How Alita: Battle Angel & Buffy Summers Compare 

Want to Be a Game Streamer or Content Creator? 

Written by Daichi

I wasn't a huge fan of anime from the start, and I was one of those naysayers if you know what I mean. Then I decided to give anime a go, and boy! I've become a full-fledged fan, just like everyone else. I grew up watching anime and have always enjoyed writing; I honed my skills by writing about anime as it comes naturally to me. My all-time favorite anime is FMAB.


Monster Anime Review: The Cost of Being a Savior


Monster Anime Review: The Cost of Being a Savior

Monster Anime Review

The Best Thriller Manga

This is a Monster anime review with some spoilers, so please be aware prior to reading.

Doctors are often hailed and revered as these ‘angels’ since the advent of time for they're the ones that give people another shot at life. They fight against disease and sickness, and find resolutions. In a sense, they can even make a patient feel like their symptom was nothing more but a bad dream, one that won’t return.

It's only natural to feel indebted towards the person who ‘revived’ you in one way or another. Many doctors choose their careers for benevolent reasons, some even live for humanity, making sure they rescue and cure as many people as they can. A few even do it at the cost of their own lives, especially in countries that may not have the best resources or technology.

No discrimination, no privilege, no prejudice, even a serial killer on death’s bed would receive the same treatment and the same attitude. Doctors hold centuries knowledge and in their hands they have a power that comes with a great responsibility.

Now, here's the question, as a doctor, what if the kid you rescued, the innocence you preserved, the smile you rejuvenated just grew up to be the most dangerous serial killer Europe has ever seen?

Under the constant guilt and remorse of being behind this twisted mind that has people in complete disarray and fear, Kenzo tenma has forsaken everything just to put an end to the tragedy.

He mission, is to face the darkness, the monster he has given birth to in that ER all those years ago and ‘Monster’ tells it in such a elegant manner.

Those serial killings and disturbing themes aren’t enough to push the readers away throughout the entirety of the journey that Monster is, due to the portrayal of their characters.

Anime Quote:

Naoki Urasawa

Doctor Tenma. For you all lives are created equal, that's why I came back to life. But you've finally come to realize it now, haven't you? Only one thing is equal for all, and that is death.”

“I save lives, I cure people. But most of all, people die in front of my eyes and, I ‘kill’ them”

I doubt anime has ever seen such a brilliant mind that defines Kenzo Tenma himself. With total expertise over the art of surgery at such a young age, he's quite the prodigy even among his peers who have been in the business longer than he's been alive on this planet we call Earth.

Perseverance and patience of that level comes only after you've seen it all and done it all by your own hands, but there's another side to the whole ‘savior glory’ since things aren’t always that sweet. There’s always more to everything than what meets the eye.

Hospitals tend to be seen as a ‘sanctuary’, a place where the wounded can be cured, but at the same time, death becomes all the more ‘normal’ for the person behind that cure.

Not to mention the grief and despair from the relatives of the recently deceased can make any medical professional feel like the bad person, especially when blamed for it all.

It can make one question their own skill, knowledge, and competence.

Dr. Kenzo Tenma . . .

“I suffered. They'll suffer, but they'll suffer even more.”

Our childhood experiences shape us into the adult we become. If you've studied even a bit about serial killers, you'll know that quite a few have something in common, that being childhood trauma. There are also those who have a hellish upbringing, one that twisted their reality and pulled the trigger for them to become a monster, and in certain cases, these monsters hide in a sheep’s clothing.

Johan was just a normal innocent kid wanting to play with his sister all day long, eating home cooked meals on the table with his mother and sister, and having all kinds of playful conversations, but children born to parents with cursed fates tend to suffer sooner or later, that’s the reality of the world we live in.

With those painful and agonizing experiences turning the world of Johan upside down and flipping the switch in his head, he experiences insanity and bloodthirst at a young age.

Johan has seen it all and just wants to make the world suffer and see the same sights, hear the same sounds, witness the same abyss he did when it was all something no kid was ever supposed to be a part of.

As an adult, Johan's life is pretty much that of a serial killer, being on a killing spree while recruiting all these allies who are too 'impressed' by the man standing in front of them, even willing to make him grasp their lives in his hand and assume the role of a puppeteer, one who they don’t want to escape, ever.

From people ‘raising’ a leader the world desperately needs to people trying to bring the new Hitler, Johan becomes a formidable villain.

Johan wants to light the candle in the hearts of the twisted and watch it burn humanity. In his eyes, it's what they deserve.

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Taking anyone's life would be unthinkable for someone like Kenzo Tenma. He is someone whose bread and butter is saving people and rescuing lives, all kinds of them, but the guilt and regret of Johan Liebert eats him from inside out. It makes makes him, one of the most tranquil and serene of minds give way to the hatred against one's self.

He begins to carry a sense of duty and takes matters in his own hands even if it comes at the cost of him becoming the very one he's been hunting this entire time.

Now, living the life of a suspect and just on the run for crimes he never committed, Kenzo is on the search for Johan in an attempt to rescue him and help him find salvation, but there's nothing that can stop the murderer.

Johan Monster, the Serial Killer or Victim?

The stage is set, the performance is coming to an end, but sadly, the curtain call won't have an audience for the first time in history.

It's safe to say that the genre of Monster is suspense and mystery at its finest. Throughout the series, it's just one question after another and another since the show takes the thriller, suspense and mystery blend to the next level, a level that only begins to go on the decline after we're more than just halfway through the show.

It makes any other suspense anime seem just bland and incomplete, making it clear and obvious that the suspense / thriller throne is just there for 'Monster' to sit on.

The way it all comes to an end, the way we're told the story is elegant. All the way from the time Johan and Anna's parents met to the Kinderheim incident to all these witnesses to Johan’s growth and transformation is just beautiful to say the very least.

Monster is regarded as one of the best manga in the mystery genre to ever hit the pages of the prestigious and legendary shounen jump magazine.

The Monster Anime takes you across Europe, and introduces so many nationalities and faces. It also takes us deep into the twisted mind of probably the deadliest serial killer we've ever seen in any anime or manga

This anime is a masterpiece that would be appreciated by the many generations to come. It’s a must watch for any person out there be it you like anime or not. I dare you to say this story isn't great.

Below are few manga that are worth looking into as well.

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Welcome to the N.H.K. is a Hidden Gem Anime 

Feathered Dragon by Ashevaili

How To Photoshop With Art Director Ashevaili 

Has the PS5 Been a Worthwhile Purchase? 

Written by Fateh Isa

I’ve always been into writing since day one. Along the way I found anime and manga and it was just delightful transforming my thoughts into words. I feel at ease writing about them and it’s truly something I find solace in.


Top 5 Fantasy Webtoon Originals


Top 5 Fantasy Webtoon Originals

Top 5 Fantasy Webtoons

Manga and Comics

The Top 5 Fantasy Webtoon Originals may not be what many folks would expect. The webtoon platform is, by no means, unfamiliar or unknown to the word fantasy. Especially, if you take into account the ‘originals’ that have amassed such a huge audience in a couple of weeks, days at most.

You'll find a plethora of titles giving a myriad of stars a run for their money for there's no lack of imagination or creativity when it comes to the word webtoon itself.

Okay, that reference is a little too farfetched, but you get my point. If you're new to the whole 'art being cocaine to the eyes' then, you're in luck for we'll be bringing you 5 fantasy webtoon originals that are sure to make you turn a blind eye to reality itself.

These are webtoons that really pull on the strings of a new world, and light the flames of what a fantasy can be. The time you're playing ‘scroll-scroll’ on your screen would be one you’ll never forget.

Just don't forget to breathe while you're at it, please. With that being said, get ready to note down some recommendations cause each and every one of these titles is breath taking to say the very least.



Every now and then we come across these ‘anomalies’, these ‘misfits’ that are shunned by their kingdom, rejected by the society, or by the very land that still bears their first footsteps. These can be places that gives meaning to their existence.

It isn't that ‘uncommon’ since it lays the foundation of a great plot and a setting that teams up perfectly with the characters to paint the already well drawn canvas, going down as a masterpiece in history.

‘The Irregular at Magic High School’ being the prime example of the show in question. Being a fan of that series, I wasn't hesitant at all when I read the overview or synopsis as you'd say of the webtoon title ‘Deor’.

Being that 'different' guy is never easy at all, more so if everyone around you is super drunk on the ‘supernatural’. In this case it's to the point that it makes the normal seem all the more abnormal.

What would Deor do when he's put in the position to save the very kingdom, rescue the very people who made his life a living hell in the past?

With him being his only ally ever since he was a kid, is the ‘magius’ even worth all the reverence? Some questions are better left unanswered cause what’s been going on in the shadows isn’t something everyone can face with their eyes wide open.

Author Quote:

J.M. Barrie

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”



We've all heard the word ‘Gosu’ so many times on the internet that it’s kind of a meme at this point. That’s kind of understandable for the meaning it holds and the impact it delivers, but a webtoon named after that, how could that not be a banger, right?

You're very right cause ‘GOSU’ takes the fantasy-action duo to the very next level. I'm telling you, the art and action in this one is just spectacular.

Teacher-student relationships are sometimes so precious. A lot of anime and manga have always managed to deliver them in the perfect way possible. In some cases, making ‘parting ways’ a nightmare not only for the two people in question, but what if the master you respected to the ends of Earth dies at the hands of some rather ‘unexpected’ people?

Vengeance and anger would be the only emotions going wild in your head till the day you've settled the score with the ones that were responsible for that tragedy.

Gang Yong makes avenging his master's death his very reason for breathing, honing his skills and undergoing intensive training to make sure his master's killers pay for what they did, but when the stage is set and the time is right, he runs into a roadblock, a stalemate that makes him question fate, life, the world itself.

These turn of events wasn't something he ever expected.


The Witch and the Bull

If I was to describe this series in one word it'd be 'magical.'

This series makes you feel like you're a part of this ‘other universe’, one that you don't want to return from even after a whole day of binging with that beautiful music kicking in the background.

We've all seen how it's like for these royal advisors, people who are there just to look after everything the prince and the king are responsible for. Not sure why in many cases the throne makes people's head stop functioning.

With witches being witches, it's only natural that Tan’s hatred for witches is so deep rooted that no one is able to talk things through with him. I guess he watches Winx Club a lot.

Hatred can bring destruction and make you go hollow inside. Yes, we've all heard that more than just a couple of times, but getting afflicted by this curse that makes him a Bull? Wait! What?! Creators! First of all, why a bull and how is that even a bull? I don't understand!

There's always that ‘one way’ to undo the curse no matter what universe we're talking about. Aro, being a witch we've never seen before, holds the key to reverting Tan back to what he was before the curse got the better of him. Nothing will change if you won't change yourself, right? Yes, that holds true here as well.

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Line Webtoon Canvas

Honorable Mentions:

As always, we have something more in case these 5 weren't enough.

Loved ‘The King's Avatar’ or 'Solo Leveling'? Well, with Webtoon coming up with its own 'Hardcore Leveling Warrior'.

It'd be a clash of titans between the pros of the two universes. Of course, that exists only in your head since this isn't a crossover or anything of that sort.

Ever wondered what else strength and a buffed body could be used for?

You're in luck cause Jaeho from The Strongest Florist will show you that ‘fighting, thrashing and wiping the floor with others’ isn't all there is to strong men out there. Some are flower fans for instance.

Want a rollercoaster ride of emotions that would shake your own inside out?

Catharsis is the perfect catharsis with catharsis being the ruler of this catharsis webtoon that's there for your catharsis no matter what catharsis we're talking about. Okay just shoot me in the head or something!

Hardcore Leveling Warrior


The Strongest Florist

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Zero Game

When it comes to life, only 0.1% of people have everything all planned. It's just the way things work in the real world. Hanna has it hard. With the death of her parents making her life a living hell, it's only natural that everything seems as if it's falling apart all of a sudden.

A break, a respite, a nap, an escape is all Hanna and each and every one of us want at times. Well, I want it all the time, but don’t be like me.

With an email coming up with instructions on how to be a part of this supposedly ‘interesting fun game’ called Zero game, it doesn't sound too bad either with the good old ‘High risk, high reward’ being the game in a nutshell, right?

Well, losing marks the end of your existence. Winning brings with it the grand opportunity to press the reset button with the cheat codes on this time, throughout the entire playthrough at that as well. It's safe to say that it's a gamble many of us would love to take. I would at least, especially with how much video games I play.

With all these new faces and situations she never expected before, the mysteries taking suspense up a notch every other chapter, it's a journey we all want to witness, and our girl Hanna is the star of the show basking in the spotlight.


Omniscient Reader

We are finally at our last stop for the Top 5 Fantasy Webtoon Originals.

This webtoon is clear proof that any of you who wants to start One Piece would be old and having grand-children the time it ends. Dokja can tell you exactly how it's like to be with a series throughout it's beginning to its very end. A regular webtoon read for a webtoon fanatic on his way home from work, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Even if it's a webtoon that's been running for like a decade now with you being the only ‘1 view, 1 comment’, still what could possibly go wrong? No! No! I'm not saying that you should see the psychiatrist or call up your old school friend for a meetup or anything. Don't jump to conclusions yourself!

However, for a fan to receive an email from the very person whose work has him mesmerized, making him tune in every other week, that's just a dream come true if I've ever heard of one.

Dojka being the only fan and him knowing everything that’s about to come everyone’s way, that's too much of an advantage for a rather failure of a person as they call him, no? Yet, 7 pm has struck and only he knows what that means.

This webtoon gave me hope that it’s just a matter of time before your favorite series becomes a reality!

This webtoon has made it to number one due to it owning every part to what makes a great webtoon. The story captures you, the art enchants you, and the characters are worth the investment.

This is honestly an underrated series when compared to the bigger titles in the Fantasy Genre, but I genuinely feel that this is well deserved.

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Glacias Collectors Volume Bookcover

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demon-slayer-kimetsu-no-yaiba characters in fighting positions beginners guide to demon slayer review by otherworlds

Beginners Guide to Demon Slayer 

Great pretender: Con artists go around scamming people 

Lunora and the Monster King books

Lunora and the Monster King | An Adventure in Literature 


Top Ten Science Fiction Webtoons


Top Ten Science Fiction Webtoons

Top 10 Sci fi Webtoons

Manga and Comics

What do you imagine when you think of the Top Ten Science Fiction Webtoons?

Sci-fi has always been the genre people expected ‘a lot more’ from considering how the likes of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘the Terminator series’ have set the bar so high for the new creators.

Many creators have a tendency to just want to go wild with nothing but science and technology being their ‘partners in crime’ whilst doing so.

No pressure, new artists, but at the same time, it's a genre that has probably the broadest of horizons if that makes sense. It is on par with the fantasy genre that taught it’s good old ‘sci-fi sibling’ how the spotlight was meant to be shared.

Sci-fi is just all over the place in this day and age. They are in movies, anime, comics, and TV shows. Everyone wants to be a part of a universe where ‘nanotechnology’ and ‘black holes’ have been made as interesting as anything can get, often making people select the wrong programs and degrees cause of a little ‘too much excitement’.

Today we have a treat for the webtoon fanatics who just can't live without seeing the ‘breath-taking future technology’ or the ‘latest technology possible’ today, making a completely different version of inception come to life. So, with that being said, let's get ready to pull off some all-nighters!


Remn Protocol

Being assigned these ‘mathematical names’ aren't that big of a deal considering the ‘X Æ A-12' that almost broke the internet not a while ago.

Never mind it did break the internet.

Everyone has dreams. Some want to conquer the world, some want to live a happy life with a loving family while others just want to bring a live action harem to life, but dreaming isn't a privilege that's been granted to everyone.

Some are just ‘spending’ their time, unsure of their very own existence on that land their feet touched a minute or two ago. Making us emotional right from the start.

Remn Protocol only gets better and better since that 'android' of a protagonist made a number of memorable faces come to everyone’s mind and the 'Remn' makes it all the sweeter if you know what I mean.

The panels sure like to keep it spicy, often playing flip flop every other second with her being surrounded by these machines to her becoming Lucy from Elfin Lied all of a sudden.

Just what are these hazy memories, these vague flashbacks and this setting that she's suddenly a part of?

The neon lights speak louder than words and those plushie cute animals aren’t what they seem to be, that’s all I can say.

Author Quote:

Arthur C. Clark

“How inappropriate to call this planet “Earth,” when it is clearly “Ocean.”



Now we've heard of these ‘perfect couples’, the ‘made for each other love birds.’ You know, the ones that give us a dose of sweetness only to make us lose faith in everything that exists here in the real world, but aren't the unlikely, unfit ‘duos’ the ones that truly bring the best any title has to offer?

With a ‘genetically enhanced perfect macho super soldier’ and a ‘wishing to be diabetic her entire life mercenary’, it's safe to say that they took the ‘ikari warriors’ and ‘trans Gintoki’ ideas to the very next level.

Though do those things even matter when you're considered the best not only Earth, but the entire galaxy?

That's quite a title if you ask me and to be able to uphold it throughout the series, it's quite a feat to accomplish.

Temerity features the duo in question, debunking the long-believed myth that ‘sci-fi doesn't blend in well with any other genre out there’.

Add in some drama, some romance, a little bit of comedy and isn't that the recipe of a great webtoon.


City of Blank

Based in a world where ‘blanks’ can take away almost everything you possess. City of Blank sure takes the ‘erase concept’ to the very next level. The very setting brings a lot of cool accessories to life which I have no idea why the authors haven't put out as merch.

Rex is on the look-out for answers. He's on a quest to uncover the mystery that underlies his brother's death. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Rex is more than well aware of that line that a certain new protagonist has been all about, but jumping into a bottomless pit headfirst?

Of course not! This isn't shounen jump lads! Possessing what might be considered a curse, Rex can physically contact Blanks making him much of an oddball in the universe that the webtoon is based in.

The masks, the flames, the ‘looks like a kunai but is definitely not a kunai’ knives, the characters and the environments are here to make his quest all the memorable cause the mysteries and the thrill his adventure carries aren't all there is to this rather ‘blank’ title..



Naming a sci-fi title ‘Lucky!’ sure sounds that they think of the word being a ‘good omen that would bring luck’ or something like that. Starting off with characters that would drive any sane mind away, the title truly isn't much welcoming now, is it?

Plus, with character names like lucky and daily, I thought someone was on acid while drawing it considering how the colors are just all over the place as well . . .

Yet, everything changed as I dived deeper into what the title had to offer. The way it brought back the ‘appearances are often deceptive’ back to life was what made ‘Lucky!’ more than just a ‘pimp nightclub logo’ that's about to go out of business.

An alien popping out of nowhere sure makes you question what you just had for dinner. But Francis is more than just welcoming towards Lucky, everything progressing to him finally getting a place he can call ‘home’. But things are never that simple now, are they?

The title wonderfully depicts the events that would follow the fateful encounter between the two faces and is a tale to remember I tell you.

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In The Bleak Midwinter

Now I'd like to start off by saying that the music is a must on this one. Make sure you're reading the first couple of chapters with the music on cause otherwise it's just not worth it to be honest.

Making you teary eyed with a first chapter like that, the authors sure know how to make the readers ‘feel attached’ to the series, wasting no time at all.

With the idea of soulmates giving birth to so many questions to having the date engraved to the front of your wrist . . . The Bleak Midwinter builds up the premise really well for what's about to hit us all not long after that ‘first encounter’.

Everyone wants an escape, the ability to cast away everything and be in this limbo where one can turn a blind eye to everything.

Anya has it tough and it's only natural for her to take up that shady organization on their offer since she'd do anything to get the ‘rest’ she's been longing for.

But waking up, having your own wrist do a glow on you while having a gun in your face, is this still a dream?

It's just tragedy for Anya left and right and she's always in the middle of what's right and what's wrong.



We are half way down the Top Ten Science Fiction Webtoons list! Now here's a jewel. From the get go, that’ Nishinoya from Haikyuu’ as the ‘mascot thumbnail’ was enough to make me read the webtoon in one sitting, but hitting me with manga art with a style that reminded me of Hunter X Hunter and Dr. Stone! Calm down man!

There's a limit to what a weeb can take! Capacitas is just a lot to take in and that ‘elite hunter codenamed destroyer’ doesn't help it at all. Whether it's for us or Aaron Havers who's just so ambitious when it comes to being a hunter in that hunter obsessed world.

It's only natural that they used a completely different examination criteria since a strike from the ‘everyone's favorite manga on indefinite hiatus’ isn't going to be one you can talk your things through.

In reality it has something completely different in stored for us, making the truth hit harder than any other thing in the world since a 'not measurable' status isn't one Aaron was expecting even in his wildest dreams.

What is the strange noise that he's been hearing constantly ever since the assessment? An emergency evacuation order after a blackout? A mere coincidence or what?



No! No one's repairing any vehicles! Dents brings us the vintage US comic style with that art and story that hits us with the nostalgia that we've been craving for a while now.

However, Dents takes it up a notch and the whole virus infection, quarantine, riots and vaccination will make one remember what's been going on outside all this time.

What a perfect time to pick up this title! Just what our paranoid mind could ask for, no? Imagine people being scared of identical twins after all this.

Amidst all that, having a ‘Dent revelation’ out of the blue isn't what anyone would want even in a million years.

Eleanor, making the place ‘scream’ by a mere shout, someone sure did a lousy job with that glass. Now everyone's out for her blood.

That very event opened a whole new realm, a completely different chapter in her life, one that comes up with a lot of questions that need quick answers. But most important of them all, who and where is that ‘twin’?

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Glacias Collectors Volume Bookcover

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Line Webtoon Canvas

Honorable Mentions:

Well, if you’re someone who’s done with every other title on the list then we’ve got a lot more from where that came from cause we don’t want anyone feeling left behind or anything.

Though seriously can you tone it down a little? You hungry animal! Just kidding, just kidding. Here are the honorable mentions that almost made the Top Ten Science Fiction Webtoons list.

Loved Psycho Pass? Want to see another world where AI is the one pulling the strings while humans just sit back, relax and drink their digital coffee?

‘If AI ruled the world’ is the new kid in town so it’s the perfect time to befriend him and know all about him since he’s nervous and everything, no?

Need galaxies and E.T. to spice things up cause Earth being the only sphere in the picture makes things bland and boring?

‘Denma’ is here to keep you company with its iconic art style and one of a kind story for every ‘intergalactic fanatic’ out there. Ever wondered who’s responsible for all your video games running as smooth as it gets?

No, not your 2-grand setup! Silly it’s a patch! Guardians of the Video game is all any gamer could ask for cause it brings you the best of both worlds without stopping at just that..

If AI Ruled the World


Guardians of the Video Game

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Ava's demon

With Jujutsu Kaisen just making all of us yell with excitement every other Friday for like six months now, it feels like something's missing now.

Ava's Demon is the perfect alternative if you'd ask me cause that alien queen would give the ‘finger obsessed demon’ a run for his money real quick. Seriously though, getting sent to the principal's office just cause of day dreaming, what kind of school is that?

To top things off, the principal threatening an expulsion the moment you walk in. Brutal. Paper Pushing Moron, serves you right.

Ava's demon brings us a strange tale between the two sides of the coin, the good and the evil, the dark and the light, showing us just what fighting your inner demons would look like.

Seeking revenge has never been an easy task. Especially, more so if you have to travel around the universe to have a date with the one who razed your empire and crumbled it to pieces, but Wrathia is a stubborn one.


The Last Dimension

From two children bringing out a new, deadly version of ‘hide and seek’ to an end no one saw coming, names like Koyol, Pekken and Maulikazim aren't the only things that would make you question whether the title is worth your time or not.

The Last Dimension quickly turns it around and shows us a school setting that brings a totally different North and South America that we've never seen before.

Bringing genotypes and phenotypes to the table, the authors sure have done their research with that enhancer genes and blah blah.

Good work! The webtoon is super interesting after that gibberish first chapter or so with chondrias being equivalent to quirks, showing us just what the title has in stored for us down the road.

Lugo, Fai and Anne make it all the sweeter by bringing all these other elements to the story and with cheesy jokes here and there, it's the perfect universe any one could ever ask for!


Room of Swords

Who's ready to take a trip back to the ‘NES 80's days’ where that iconic 'Press start!' was all it took to get us all hyped and ready to retrieve that sword from the demon about to swallow the world a whole?

If you ever thought to yourself what an 'astronaut on borrowed time on an abandoned planet' would look like while being in this cycle of repeated resurrection then here's just the thing for you!

Oh, and I gotta say, those heart shaped biscuits look so damn amazing!

It honestly made me remember Ocarina of Time with those 20 hearts that I collected after reading that wiki a million times. With 'Scout' and 'Vitalitablets' being his only allies, it's only natural that our cute little space guy is a bit confused as to what to do and what not to do in a not so friendly place.

All these 'video game inspired encounters' and the retro theme of literally every other thing adds so much to the charm of the series that I couldn't see myself not giving it the number 1 spot.

It brought back so many memories while gifting me all these new ones that I'll be sure to remember for the rest of my life.

Oh, and again, with this one, the music is a must. The way those 2D comic panels come to life in addition to those 8-bit colors harmonizing with the music brings us the best of both worlds, truly. Don’t forget that!

Below are some novels about space you may enjoy!

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Written by Fateh Isa

I’ve always been into writing since day one. Along the way I found anime and manga and it was just delightful transforming my thoughts into words. I feel at ease writing about them and it’s truly something I find solace in.


Top New Canvas Webtoons for 2021

Top New Canvas Webtoons for 2021

2021 Canvas Webtoons

Manga and Comics

When the word webtoon comes to mind we image Tower of God, God of Highschool and Noblesse all of a sudden, them being the 'big three' and everything.

Don't get me wrong, those are masterpieces through and through, but the thing about talent is that it's always there. These are titles waiting to be discovered and brought to the limelight by the very people who were moved by it, even mesmerized

The Canvas corner of the website is the perfect way to just have a look at some of the names we'll be seeing all over the internet a few months or years from now. Some will be created by people born to be legends in the art world and just needed a platform to shine on.

That's the best thing about it. You witness the growth, see the birth of a legend first hand, and it makes for an experience you won't be forgetting for the rest of your lives.

Truly, it'll be difficult to narrow down the list to a mere ‘10’ cause there are so many amazing titles just waiting for the right readers to pick them up, but I've come up with 10 names that truly stand out when compared to the rest. Hence the title, Top New Canvas Webtoons for 2021.

Will these be titles with new episodes and additions to the series every other week? Hell yeah! I'm tuning in the same time, the same day, just not the same week!

With that being said let's have a look at the some of the Top New Canvas Webtoons for 2021 that have the potential to do great, and you just can't sleep on.

Art Club Girl

Remember Nichijou? The comedy that was so cute it was just impossible to keep your heart from melting every other minute or so? Art Club Girl is like that, but in another dimension.

One where the glorious 'art' reveal happened a bit too soon and gave birth to a rather unexpected turn of events that makes the series all the more fun to read.

It features the Japanese school setting pretty well while blending in that 'not so anime' art style, doing a pretty good job at the execution. At first glance I was expecting to see something like Asobi Asobase, one of my favorite comedy anime of all time.

I was kind of disappointed, but not totally in despair cause of course, they're two completely different shows and bound to be different but Art Club Girl is something that should be appreciated for what it brings to the table.

Author Quote:

Dr. Seuss

Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent.”


A series being reborn and remade is something that gives the fans the privilege to go back in time and experience it all from a different perspective.

It allows for the fan to also reminisce on how everything was in the past, getting hit by that dose of nostalgia over and over and over again, making it something everyone should experience for sure.

Coming all the way from 2017, Winterscape has kept up with the times and is bigger, better and more enjoyable compared to its older self which lacks quite a bit when compared to its 2.0 we have ongoing today.

The art is what fascinated me the most cause it brings the vintage comic book style to the stage to deliver a performance we won't be forgetting for a while, making a lot of us add up to the audience the title has as of right now.

The Dark Orient

If I were to describe this series in one word it'd probably be, 'taking every genre to the very next level'.

With all this miasma making the 'Code Vein' players super interested already.

The Dark Orient doesn't pull back any punches with that level of depth when it comes to the story and characters.

The characters feel original and unique and the combat is one of it's strongest points. These are things that will be sure to make you a fan.

Everyone's a super 'Attack on Titan' fan in this day and age, no? Well, it's quite similar to that when it comes to combat as well, minus the 3D movements, and gear.

If it isn't showing a monster's 'terror' by it going berserk prior to the arrival of a 'Levi' has become every other anime lately.

With chimeras, shogun, generals and shepherds, it's just so much for you take in at first, but once you get used to it, you'll see for yourself that this series has potential to be great.


The first day at high school, college or any other educational institute can make a lot of us super anxious. It's only natural. I mean that's how UltraViolet drew in an introvert like me.

It drew in someone who saw so many similarities between the series and himself that it made me want to read it for 'that part' of it alone. That is before knowing that the 'cosmic' side of it was going to be something that made things a lot more interesting.

It honestly makes the famous 'Parasyte Migi taking over' reflect heavily in this webtoon. From arriving an hour or two before 'class is in session' to having to hear these puns that are not funny at all. How can they be so appropriate?!

I thought the webtoon was based off of my life or something, but it can also remind you of all these adventures you may have had with your friends back in the day.

So, get ready to remember some great memories.

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A series that starts off giving you those 2014 Transistor vibes while making sure it's art and story is as unique as it gets.

Now that sounds real interesting, no?

The very first chapter does justice to the synopsis with that interview setting looking real tense. Also, Timmy doesn't shine at his brightest when he's a part of a situation like that.

We sure have a bunch of rather 'funny' faces in the losers club, right? No, I'm not joking. That's what the posse is called in this series and they have custom badges as well.

Merch hacks 101. Plus, the series made me feel color blind all of a sudden cause all I see is orange. Is that the same for you as well?

Snippets of Love

Again, just beautiful how these webtoons capture the ‘nostalgia’ so well, making us shed a tear or two every other day or so.

Great work indeed. Bringing the good old picture books to mind from everyone’s childhood.

Snippets of Love hits us with the best of both worlds featuring art that brings the best nostalgia has to offer and the romance setting that would make you feel jealous of the couple all of a sudden cause it's just too cute!

It doesn't matter if you're a romance fan or not, this is sure to hit you right in the feels and with not that far into the 'story', it's the perfect time to catch up with everything as soon as possible.

85 Unseen

Have you ever wondered how the 'night sky' would be if there were no stars to keep the moon company? What?! I'm the weird one for asking a question like that? Kids these days.

85 Unseen answers that very question really well and introduces a universe that has become one 'to explore' for all the sci-fi fans out there.

The thing I love the most about the series is that I saw it literally getting better and better every other chapter, be it the whole flow of the series, the art, the dialogue, everything in general.

Plus, there's Indian culture sprinkled here and there that gives more depth to the series while keeping everything 'on the real side of things' cause all these different names sure make us rather confused at times.

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Glacias Collectors Volume Bookcover

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Line Webtoon Canvas

Honorable Mentions:

These are titles that have a lot of promise, but it is still too early for me to determine the story or direction.

Let's bring in some fantasy cause we're sure missing out on the best thing that the human mind is known for, imagination and the ability to create entire universes from scratch. Tarot cards, when did we last see them in an anime or a manga? Only Abdul from Jojo comes to my mind. The story would be a really cool one with the Tarots and the tower setting, the fool coming across encounters that would tell us a whole new story every other week or so. Can't wait for the next one!

There is also a romance that is pulling a lot of strings at Chapter 1. These are titles that I am sure will grow into something great.

The Tower

Crows Devoured

The Ink Apprentice


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So much left unsaid, so much left unseen, but still this manga is able to get a lot of us hooked 5 chapters in.

This title isn't one anyone should sleep on cause it's bound to bring a universe with the potential to be one of the most memorable in the new decade, and clearly one that'll be known on the whole webtoon website.

This is not just a series with a unique universe, but one whose choreography makes us all hyped since we're all suckers for the action genre.

There's also those flashbacks that keep reminding us how something's coming our way while explaining nothing at all. The author sure knows how to keep things spicy all the time.

It's something that serves as the best 'cliffhanger' in my opinion.

It builds up the premise of what might be one of the best reveals we've seen in a while when it comes to webtoon.

I have recently dived deeper into this story, read more about it, here.

Selow Pace

This title is on the rise. Ever since its debut in late February, and it's been racking fans and numbers that just keep increasing day by day.

I mean that's a given considering what it brings to the table with everything looking so professional and sleek compared to the rest of the titles making it stand apart from the get go.

With a bunch of characters to choose from and a plethora of situations where you can see these familiar faces having all these different conversations, it's heartwarming to no end.

It's something that would make you come back for more, that's for sure. Though seriously that cat at the end is so cute! It makes that ‘socials’ section all the more tempting every other week.

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How Alita: Battle Angel & Buffy Summers Compare 

The Tale of the Lapsed Destiny 2: Beyond Light Player 

Fantasy Strike Sets a New Standard For Fight Games 

Written by Fateh Isa

I’ve always been into writing since day one. Along the way I found anime and manga and it was just delightful transforming my thoughts into words. I feel at ease writing about them and it’s truly something I find solace in.


Lunora | A Great New Isekai Webtoon

Lunora A Great New Isekai Webtoon

Lunora, every genre done right.

Lunora, a great new isekai Webtoon is not clickbait, but something serious to consider. Webtoon series are all over the place these days. I mean that's a given when we're all 'cooped up' in our rooms with nothing else to do and watching our favorite TV show for the 568th time doesn't quite hit us with that kick anymore. The result is simple, it feels rather boring and the desire to smash our head into the wall becomes more sound. Truth is, considering how thing are at the moment and have been for what seems like an eternity . . . many of the shows on mainstream outlets and comic platforms are running dry.

Plus, big and super Hollywood names like God of Highschool, Noblesse and Tower of God have been read by each and every one of us almost a million times now . . .

Many of us are always on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’ on the Webtoon website or app since that platform is not unknown to rising talent by any means.

It was just last year when I really started getting into webtoon and boy do they have something for everyone.

Every person on the planet will find something to read on this platform that is one of a kind and yet, there will still be a portion of the website 'unexplored' similar to Youtube.

So many ideas just waiting to get discovered by that ‘reader.'

An Epic Line Webtoon Fantasy

As all the readers can relate, the 'Staff Pick's' section is filled with glorious, wonderful, story-rich pages just waiting for you to eye them down from top to bottom. Finding a story that hits you makes the wait for the next chapter all the more difficult but all the more worth it at the very end.

We’ve all been there. Lunora was just another one of those series that the 'Webtoon Staff' just randomly recommended to me out of the blue a few months ago. Shout outs to whoever this ‘Staff’ person is, you are awesome!

Anyways, I started reading the series and I just couldn't stop. This had become that great new isekai webtoon I was looking for.

It was a journey that just 'sucked' me totally in. The moment I clicked on that 'number 1 chapter' it made me want to know more and more and more and more about the series, the characters, the universe, everything in general.

I was like a 3-year-old kid asking a gazillion of questions during his first visit to the zoo, bringing the best curiosity had to offer while making sure my parents have a headache by the end of the day and regret bringing me to that place with them.

Top New Isekai Manga

One that is bewitching the readers from the get go. Often this is a sign that the title you’re reading or the show you’re watching is going to be a hit no matter how long it lasts.

I'm pretty sure many of you agree with me on that one. Well, sort of . . . there is the last season of Game of Thrones, but we don't talk about that.

The best thing about Lunora is that it didn't stop at just that. The mystery elements making all these question marks pop up in our heads every other week with the team being considerate enough to answer our queries every now and then.

This just provided the fans what they wanted so bad without making them wait in those lines and queues that at times take a whole day just for a handshake with your favorite author.

Editor Quote:

Rogena Mitchell-Jones

We edit your words, your writing, your sentences and paragraphs… but never your voice.”

Fantasy Webtoons to Read

The characters, with expressions and actions that we've seen rather 'raw' and are all colored, animated, vibrant and full of life. A few weeks from now it just makes me super excited every other Sunday, making the wait all the harder every other week.

As they say, good things take time and witnessing a series unfold into something magnificent and nothing short of a masterpiece would be a thing of beauty and a thing to remember for a long time.

If this didn't convince you to just drop everything and head on to Line Webtoon or Tapas to read Lunora, then you're in luck cause I've got some 'anime series' as examples that would give you an idea of what you're missing out on.

Also, what you can expect the moment you make the name come up on your screen, making sure you’re doing those swipes every couple of seconds or so.

So, brace yourselves cause I've got a lot of nostalgia bullets all loaded up in my gun right here and I for sure won't be missing anyone who's reading this as of this moment cause let’s be honest, you aren’t that far away from the screen now, are you? Point Blank!


See? The name was enough to make you smile cause the trio with those adorable and ‘would make your heart melt in an instant’ personalities aren't one anyone can forget even when suffering from amnesia.

We’re going back to the last decade with this one so you better shake your head a bit. Remember the whole setting of Magi? Just sand and sand and sand and a lot more sand? Not only that, but the slavery that Morgiana was a victim of in the very first episode and was freed by the very duo who she would be going on all these adventures on later on in the series?

Slavery in the desert with a mysterious character popping up to save you when you're least expecting it? Lunora? Is that you? Do I see Iko beneath that mask? Sure, Iko isn't that lively and 'friendly' when compared to the likes of Alibaba and Aladdin, but that mystery about him with those flashbacks from time to time and the way it all began is what makes him stand out.

It's also what makes us want to see him through in both directions, just to figure out how it all happened and what's in it for almost everyone in the universe as we deep deeper into what the series has to offer.

It doesn't hold back any punches when it comes to the combat either, another strong point of Magi which it perfectly mimics and, at times, takes it up a notch is the choreography.

Lunora makes us 'see' the fight rather than look at the static images in front of us, trying hard to view them as ‘moving’ just to get dizzy from all that fast-paced imagination that no one has gotten used to even after all these years.

Log Horizon

I'm pretty sure the return of probably the best isekai of all time made everyone watch a good 50 episodes cause this title is as underrated as they get.

Bringing in the isekai genre when no one even knew what it meant, it can be rightfully called the grandfather of that word and truly the show that gave birth to the likes of Re:Zero and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime that we just can’t get enough of in this day and age.

When I first started reading Lunora, I'm not going to lie, it felt like an isekai to me, one that would rather be something else considering it ended up in the Staff Picks section rather quickly, a feat that's not easy to accomplish at all no matter what kind of a ritual you've been performing for the last month.

But it shifted gears rather quickly and showed us two alternative versions of the very character that got us to click on next as fast as we could.

Followed by birds and people taking a stroll in the desert, not sure who's walking who in that setting though and won’t be saying much either cause spoilers? Not a fan of them.

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Log Horizon Shiroe vs Iko's Lunora

Now let's see how Shiroe and Iko stand up against each other cause they’re the face of the two series. Not giving in to the advantages they have over their opponents no matter how big they are, making sure they have a sound mind throughout the duration of the bout while analyzing and making it out of every situation almost unscathed . . . it's safe to say that they gravitate towards the 'cool, smart and won't yell all the time' protagonist category.

Sadly, its one where we rarely see characters from shows that have literally taken over the entire world, much like the entire milky way cause, who knows?

Maybe Aliens are Frieza fans themselves being one of a kind. Plus, another thing that makes the protagonists similar is how their pasts are rather unclear and we know next to nothing when it comes to their character or their life in general other than the fact that they've a 500 IQ and are quite adept at making their ideas work. Just a bunch of flashbacks and images here and there with the character getting migraines all of a sudden.

Well, Iko wins in that category cause he's been exercising his mind and his body while Shiroe is just a nerd.

That's not all, both characters fight adversaries who don't look human at all bringing some unique set of skills and fighting styles to the table, names as well that, at times, can be quite funny and interesting. See for yourself!

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Fist of the North Star

‘Omae wa mou Shindeiru’ is here once again. But there’s no ‘Nani?!’ follow up to Kenshiro fans, you might feel a little ‘incomplete’. Authors! Here's a little 'tip' from a fan, make him say, 'Then stay blind' every other iconic battle, just the way Kenshiro utters those words just a couple of seconds before we see the face in front of him just blast to smithereens by his pinkie.

Yes, it makes it clear in an instant that it’s an anime from the previous century where every anime character was competing with Arnold Schwarzenegger all the time.

I mean that's what's so great about Fist of the North Star, it's just so op and macho that you can't help but feel the adrenaline whenever you're seeing those punks and the Japanese Western hybrid walking on the screen making all kinds of action happen in front of our very own eyes.

Oh my bad! I forgot to add in Bruce Lee as well, I didn't do them chops justice. Sure, the combat in Lunora isn't as fierce as we have in the good old Hokuto no Ken but the desert setting and a bunch of sand punks just asking to get their teeth kicked in, along with a protagonist that, when provoked, makes sure that you don't live to see the light of tomorrow makes them a duo, a dream crossover that probably wouldn't happen, ever in our lives.

But what's bad about dreaming and imagining the impossible? Isn't that what's most fascinating about aims and dreams?



I would've loved to draw in more references and I'm pretty sure each and every one of you would be able to think of a couple of them as well as we dive deeper into the series, get a couple more chapters and come to know more about the universe itself. But here are a few 'citations' that would give you an idea of how Lunora isn't a name you should be sleeping on by any means cause you aren’t doing yourself justice that way.

The dialogue is rather poetic at times, making the most melodious of conversations and letter combinations come to mind while pulling no punches when shifting to the rather badass style with characters talking about how they can kill each other rather easily. Slow down there birdie, everyone loves some roasted bird, no?

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The Netflix adaptation of Castlevania from a couple of years ago, making everyone crazy about the long running Konami hit that just went silent for whatever reason. Well at least we got a banger of a show and with Isaac and his setting resembling so much to what we've seen in Lunora up to this point, you get the idea of what to expect from the desert and these people with slaves that think they’re Vegeta or something.

Heck, if you want someone wearing a mask and kicking ass no matter where he goes while his opponents think of him like any other cosplay wimp then look no further cause Hiei from Darker than Black and Iko from Lunora come quite close when it comes to that. Ever heard of the video game Pyre? No? What’ve you people been doing?

Stop playing Among Us!

Being one of my favorite games of all time, Pyre, was as unique of a game as it got back in 2017 or so. A few chapters in the series and I kept remembering how the whole universe was similar to the video game and that made me love the series all the more since the way it connected and brought the best of both worlds together was just marvelous to say the very least.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the webtoon cause it’s a must read if you’re into the mystery/suspense/action/ ‘birds fighting humans’ genre and are looking for some cool titles to view on the app considering how everything is right now.

I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed at all and would be coming back for more and more and more. Thus, it makes this title one of the biggest hits the app has to offer for 2021!

Want to start reading? Click on the comic platform you would like below, and yes, it is free.

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Glacias Collectors Volume Bookcover

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Hunter X Hunter: Anime at its Finest 

Tower of God Korean Banner

The Most Popular Anime of Spring 2020: Tower of God 

Assassins Creed Valhalla Review 

Written by Fateh Isa

I’ve always been into writing since day one. Along the way I found anime and manga and it was just delightful transforming my thoughts into words. I feel at ease writing about them and it’s truly something I find solace in.


Top Ten Fantasy Canvas Webtoons

Top Ten Fantasy Canvas Webtoons

Top 10 Fantasy Canvas Webtoons

Manga and Comics

With the Top Ten Fantasy Canvas Webtoons the human imagination must reach new heights. It is rather fascinating to think that there is always room for fresh ideas considering how many works are published or posted each day.

Coming up with completely new worlds and assuming the role of Gods in these universes . . . We've definitely inherited that trait from our creator. Bringing out the best the human mind has to offer, fantasy genre utilizes imagination to the fullest and brings us such captivating thoughts and ideas. With these ideas at times, it's impossible to prefer our real world over the one that exists ‘on those pages’.

Webtoon is the go-to place when you're looking to get amazed, just wanting to let your jaw hit the floor as hard as it can. The canvas section more often so hits the mark since all these publishers are full of talent waiting for the right people, the right fans to give them that 'boost' needed to bring a masterpiece to life.

So, let's dive into the realm of imagination and have a look at the Top Ten Fantasy Canva Webtoons that would show you the wonders of human imagination.


The Dragon Tutor

When it comes to a webtoon about dragons, royalty and kingdoms, we're expecting to see conspiracies, coup de tats and just ‘fire’ all over the place. I'm pretty sure the title's already given away that you won't be seeing anything like that, least not at the start…

Dragons, creatures that have a lot of legends about them ranging from being ‘war weapons’, assuming the role of a guardian or just being race vehicles (I'm not joking). But never has a dragon been there to save the prince from a ‘marriage conspiracy plot’ and the irresponsible attitude of the previous generation only makes things worse for the child who's getting 'inspected'.

Zephyr, a dragon unlike you've ever seen before is ready to lend his skills and be hailed as the savior of the kingdom in this journey that's so nostalgic, so funny and unique that's it's hard to not get excited every other week.

Author Quote:

Dr. Seuss

Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent.”


The Reaper and The Waiting

Death Gods and Grim Reapers have been shown in so many anime at this point that it's not even funny. The Reaper and The Waiting shows us probably one of the most kind hearted reapers the screen has ever seen. I mean he does what a reaper does, but he hasn't lost the heart that separates him from a ‘human’.

Everyone has a past, a tragic one would scar you for life. Some make a memory more than just a nightmare, others a halcyon bliss ready to make you smile every other day, but with this story there is something heartfelt.

The mysterious, kind, rather tsundere soul accompanying the reaper on his quest with his dog is a journey worth joining. This sounds pretty ‘normal’ till now, right?


Suihira: The City of Water

Let's face it, we've all wanted to visit a mythical place that only legends speak of. Whether it's Atlantis or the sky castle from Laputa, it's safe to say that some places are rather worth leaving the planet for.

Wahida, the princess herself is no different when it comes to those thoughts for she also yearns to visit the holy city of water, that being Suihira itself and she might beat a lot of these ‘Atlantis fanboys’ here in the real world at that. Plus, as they say, if you truly want it, if you truly see yourself there, it will happen blah blah. But seriously Akia, when are you making your grand appearance here in my room? I can give you an address if you want! But nothing is as it seems, especially when it comes to things like these and the blinded Wahida has no idea what she's in for.


Robin and The Fowl

As if the nostalgic art wasn't enough to draw you all in, the series has that Zelda owl to make sure you aren't lost and are reading the right series! He doesn't do that head spin though.

Lying in the park after a long day and having feathers grow all over your body after an ordinary encounter with a bird sure gives you some hard PTSD, but in a world where witches and humans have a ‘not so good history’, isn't that to be expected? Especially, if your mother is a witch and the very person who cursed you.

So many mysteries with just a few chapters in, they sure know how to keep the viewers glued to the screen, but with the two birds together with one calling the other ‘chicken’, a small town embraces them ready to answer all the questions she or you might have. I highly suggest catching up soon before it turns into an Original which seems to be happening a lot with good Canvas Webtoons lately.

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Giving a whole new concept to the spiritual world, making trees be the proof of the life we lead towards adulthood. They sure took the wooded scenic drive a little too seriously, no?

If this was real then the world would be 90% trees to be honest cause I couldn't even think of what I want for breakfast when I was 18! Well, I still can't but you get my point.

When it comes to the real world there are things ‘set in stone’, things that are the same for almost everyone out there, but anomalies exist and one such discrepancy has Ollie really disturbed. With his 'tree' following a completely different route, making the boy all the more anxious.

Join him and his friends as they try to uncover as to ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ is this happening. It delivers the suspense and mystery elements pretty well and that truly adds to the already unique story Flora has to deliver.


The Witch and the Beast

You know how they give you that warning at the beginning of almost every other webtoon saying it's ‘graphic’ and all that? This is the real deal. With vampires that send a chill down your spine. The ‘trio' alone at the very first chapter sets the mood perfectly, in addition to a rather ‘heated’ exchange of blood. Its truly one sided of course cause vampires.

For a long time in the beginning, I kept thinking was Alucard from Castlevania was being featured on the webtoon platform? Then again every other ‘peak vampire’ is just like him.

Just why did the vampire lord decide to ally himself with humans when they pleaded them for help against those demons? Having a ‘memory’ he boasted of himself, has he forgotten about how the human race turned to the witches to reduce them to mere ashes not long ago? It just raises a lot of suspicions with every other vampire in the court having a completely different and original personality. A lot of genres, a lot of characters, a lot of twists… this is surely a comic worth investigating.


Winds of Spring

Why is this on canvas? Hello? Look at the details! Just so professional to be honest. Starting off with that preface about the hunter and the prey, it's only natural that we're ‘all eyes’ the very next second.

It's possible to be a part of the royalty, gods to be precise and still be normal and humane. Turul, being the most adorable grown girl I've seen in a while, had me mesmerized with her beauty and that dress that was such a banger that I wanted the creators to come up with that in the form of ‘merch’.

We've had our share of these fathers who are just too arrogant and full of themselves, just trying their hardest to get that ‘pops of the decade’ award… and this story does not steer from that trope.

When the witches task Turul to embark on a journey that would 'draw out her true potential' and set her as an original goddess, it's only natural that the pure heart is excited since it might be her only opportunity to live with her father, the one she wanted to hear those words of praise from, but something a lot more magical awaits her somewhere completely different.

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Glacias Collectors Volume Bookcover

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Line Webtoon Canvas

Honorable Mentions:

There can't be a top 10 list without some honorable mentions, right?

Here are some titles that may not have made the Top Ten Fantasy Canvas Webtoons, but sure as hell got close.

In case you have binged all others and are still on the hunt for that dose of fantasy you just can’t get enough of.

El-leanor is a title mixing magic, mystery and fantasy, making the most unique brew come to life.

Arthwind which is literally a dive into the best imagination has to offer.

Punderworld which shows you a side of Hades that you weren't expecting at all and Blacksun which is just adrenaline and excitement through and through. 

Be sure to check them out!.





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Having the most isekai start ever, they had us in the first chapter, not going to lie. The thing I loved the most about Lunora was how it approached the whole story.

Drawing every reader all in and introducing these flashbacks every other chapter that makes everyone become Sherlock Holmes himself, just to be at the mercy of H.S. Crow for he knows the answers to all the queries we have every other week.

Yet, despite all that, Iko is one to look out for with the combat making full use of the setting of the ‘unknown warrior’, making those birds look like mere pigeons and a journey that's sure to be one hell of a ride down the road. Despite being a protagonist in a relatively ‘similar’ setting, Iko stands out pretty well in addition to the whole universe which makes things feel all the more original and never bland by any means.

Learn more about my recent review of Lunora, here.


Black Horda

Okay, if I ask you whether it's possible to come up with a fire action webtoon would you say yes? Of course, God of High School doesn't count, and Lunora is still very new to determine that.

Let me answer that question with a yes myself and present to you what might be the closest we've got so far to having an ‘action fantasy anime webtoon’.

Black Horda just takes everything that made those ‘lightning fast, adrenaline pumping’ combat scenes so special and takes it up more than just a notch, making sure that the readers aren't disappointed at all every other week they tune in.

Also, with the characters and the story bringing out the best setting there is, it's safe to say that Black Horda isn't a title anyone should miss out on if they're looking for some good action, fantasy, supernatural blend.



It's obvious that this gets number 1 since they're the ones publishing it!'

Trust me, it kind of looks like the whole thing is 'rigged' but hear me out on this one. What made How to Train your Dragon so good? The bond it featured between man and the mythical creatures that terrify almost all of us was shown in such a beautiful manner that it made the movie a favorite in no time. Glacias takes this to unique levels.

Featuring a protagonist with one of the purest hearts on the Line Webtoon platform in addition to guilds and inns reminding you of the RPG games you played back in the 90's, Glacias is a must read for any webtoon fan out there.

It changes everyone's perspective on dragons whether you're the one reading it or the one who's a part of that very universe. I know it's kind of long but the creators have worked really hard on this one, having started back in November 2016 and they've amassed an audience that truly saw what the series had to offer.

Trust me, binging it would be a piece of cake. Learn more about Glacias, Here.

Below are just some fun games on the switch if you enjoy adventure games as much as you enjoy reading about them.

Hunter X Hunter: Anime at its Finest 

Is Attack on Titan Worth the Hype? 

Lunora | A Great New Isekai Webtoon 

Written by Fateh Isa

I’ve always been into writing since day one. Along the way I found anime and manga and it was just delightful transforming my thoughts into words. I feel at ease writing about them and it’s truly something I find solace in.


Assassins Creed Valhalla Tips & Tricks Guide

Assassins Creed Valhalla Tips & Tricks Guide

Assassins Creed Valhalla…

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a big game with a lot to do and explore. Outside of having an outstanding narrative to follow, the game has an engaging combat system to master, a settlement to build and expand, as well as a host of other smaller activities to do as you trek around England.

In this guide, we’ve collected all of the best tips and tricks to help make your Viking adventure a bit easier so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.

General Exploration and Quest Tips

Let The Story Guide

You Valhalla’s main narrative is what comprises the lion’s share of quests within the game. While there still is a decent amount of side-quests, you’ll want to primarily let the story guide you before you go off exploring for more missions to take on. By following the story, you’ll slowly uncover all of the areas where more adventure awaits so there’s no need to just go off riding into the horizon to hunt more quests down.

Go Hunting

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla makes a pretty big deal out of hunting. For starters, by hunting regularly, you’ll gain much-needed resources for your settlement as well as materials to upgrade your gear. Once you’ve unlocked the hunting hut, you’ll also be able to trade drops from animals for a variety of cool rewards. One thing that the game doesn’t tell you about hunting, though, is that it also builds up your rations gauge. In fact, animal meat does so faster than other food. Make sure you go hunting before you hit up that next story quest so you’re nicely topped up.

Gamer Quote:

Sigurd, Assassin Creed Valhalla

“It Is A Wise Leader Who Considers The Needs Of Others.”

Enjoy Some Socializing

Ravensthorpe, the settlement you build in Valhalla is home to a lively bunch of characters, each with his or her own story to tell. By interacting with them, you’ll be able to open up a whole host of new facilities for your settlement, from tattoo parlors to item shops. What’s more, some of these conversations can eventually lead to new side-quests that in turn can earn you some great rewards. Some may even lead to romance options that could otherwise be missed if you don’t stop and have a chat every once in a while.

Try Your Hand at Flyting

Did you know that Vikings can rap? Well, not exactly, but if you were to describe the old social pastime of flyting in a simple way, then rap battles would be an apt comparison. In essence, you use your words to embarrass your “opponent” in a much more impactful way than they can. By besting characters scattered around England, Eivor’s charisma will improve which will eventually lead to new dialogue options opening up. These options can have a big impact on the outcome of the story.

Combat Tips

Switch It Up

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gives you a lot of freedom to experiment with its combat. The primary way is through its skills tree which you can reset at any time to re-spec your Eivor. For instance, if you feel like trying out a more stealth-focused build, then you can reset your points and invest more into the Raven Skills path. Because of this level of freedom, you can try out builds until your heart’s content and I recommend doing so because there are a lot of interesting skill combinations to try out which is half the fun with this game’s brilliant combat.

Don’t Mash

I must admit I went ham with my button mashing in my first few encounters in Valhalla. I didn’t expect I needed to be methodical until I was completely wiped out by the lowest of enemies in the early stages of the game. The reality is that you’ll need to be quite patient with your battle approach in this game. You have a stamina bar which will deplete as fast as it fills up. Every action you can take during combat, including dodging and defending need stamina. Once you’re out, you’ll be helpless. Be sure to keep an eye on your bar and save some energy for defensive maneuver.

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Master the Parry

Directly related to the above tip, another important aspect of the combat to master is the parry. This is an invaluable technique that takes a bit of time to get under your belt. Parrying will give you a lot of advantages during combat, especially when you’re fighting multiple opponents. The best way to get the timing down is to watch for when your enemies have their attack cocked and ready to strike. Once you’ve got the parry down, you’ll want to take a few abilities that enhance its effectiveness and you’ll be unstoppable.

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Feathered Dragon by Ashevaili

How To Photoshop With Art Director Ashevaili 

Fate Series Anime: Anime Review 

Assassins Creed Valhalla Tips & Tricks Guide 

Yannis is a veteran gamer with over 25 years of experience across the spectrum of genres. He enjoys spending time with his family, livestreaming on Twitch and occasionally dishing out unsolicited dad advice. Also catch him on IG.

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