Has the PS5 Been a Worthwhile Purchase?

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I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to get a PS5 a mere two months after launch. Like many gamers out there, I missed out on the initial batch that got ransacked by scalpers and a few luckier actual customers.

When I finally received notice that it was my turn in December 2020, I was overjoyed. It’s been nine months since my shiny new Sony console arrived, and looking back on it, I had to wonder if it was worth all the anxiety and frustration.

Fast Loading is a Gamechanger

It’s undeniable that the PS5 is an incredibly fast console. Sony wasn’t exaggerating when they described the speeds at which their next-gen console loads games. It feels like magic.

Especially for people who have minimal time to play games, the PS5’s loading speeds are a gamechanger. I no longer need to do the pre-loading rituals I used to where I turned on the console and went off to grab a drink while my game initialized. I can now just sit down and play. Even better, hopping onto another game doesn’t even require me to shut down the one I’m already playing. It’s really how gaming ought to be now.

Upgraded Backlog is More Enjoyable

We all know that the past months have been dubbed the Year of the Backlog, and for good reason. Next-gen new releases have been sparse, prompting people to tackle games they have yet to complete. The PS5 just makes all of that far more enjoyable.

What's the best PS5 game?

Gamer Quote:


"Games don't make you violent, lag does."

What's better PS5 or Xbox Series X?

With so many titles getting free next-gen upgrades and others running a lot more smoothly thanks to the console’s spec boost, going through my backlog has never been a better experience.

Secondary PS4 Adds Versatility

This may not be universal, but I haven’t gotten rid of my PS4 since the new console arrived. Instead, it’s been sitting under our living room TV while my PS5 takes up the spot on my desk setup. I may be in the minority with this, but I feel having two consoles that can run the same games to be highly versatile.

With the PS5 having such limited storage capacity, my PS4 acts like an extra hard drive that allows me to enjoy more games whenever I feel like it. I also have access to gaming on both a computer monitor and a bigger 4K TV if I want to play something a bit more cinematic. Finally, it has enabled my spouse and me to play more multiplayer games together. With so few titles having couch co-op these days, having a second console has allowed us to enjoy even more titles together.

Overall, the PS5 has yet to give me the full next-gen experience. Its higher specs and unique features, however, have made it a worthwhile purchase despite that. With games like Deathloop on the horizon, it’s only a matter of time until my early adoption pays off.

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Yannis is a veteran gamer with over 25 years of experience across the spectrum of genres. He enjoys spending time with his family, livestreaming on Twitch and occasionally dishing out unsolicited dad advice. Also catch him on IG..

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