Vinland Saga an Anime Worth Watching!

Vinland Saga and the Age of Vikings.

Vinland Saga is one of the most popular anime of 2019. The first season of this anime got a lot of mixed reviews from the anime community.

I personally believe that the first season of Vinland Saga had a lot of problems, but I still think that this anime is a masterful work in the making.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at all of the different aspects of this anime. Before we get started, let’s take a look back at the plot of this anime.

In this anime, we follow the story of a young boy named Thorfinn. Thorfinn used to be a naïve boy, and he lived in a village in Iceland. Thorfinn was living a relatively peaceful life, but then his father was killed right in front of his eyes.

The boy got enraged and swore that he would get strong and avenge the murder of his beloved father. Thorfinn embarks on a very dark path as he becomes a mercenary to get his revenge. Being driven by revenge, Thorfinn starts to forget his father’s teachings.

The plot of this anime does seem pretty intense, but it is not very impressive. Plot-wise, Vinland Saga seems like a pretty one directional show. And yes, the first season of this anime is hugely one-directional.

The entire first season just gives us the revenge-story of this naïve boy, and it gets extremely dull as we keep on watching.

Viking Quote:

Robert Low

"Man without a sword is still a warrior, but one with no shield is just a target."

If this anime is this one-directional, then why am I calling it a masterful work in the making?

Vinland Saga’s story is going to develop with every new season! According to the manga readers, the story of this anime is going to evolve in more ways than one. Of course, we are still going to follow the story of Thorffin, but Thorfinn will slowly grow up.

Whilst watching the first season of this anime, we all forgot about the main thing that this whole show revolves around. It is Vinland. Vinland is a fertile land which has never known war. This peaceful land will help Thorfinn create a new life for himself.

In the next season of Vinland Saga, Thorfinn is finally going to understand the true meaning of his father’s teachings. Another thing that was disliked by the viewers regarding Vinland Saga was the fact that this show did not really focus much on the side characters.

Vinland Saga has some of the most brilliantly written anime characters, and I believe that all of those characters got proper screen-time. Yes, the show mostly focused on Thorfinn’s story, but the show also introduced us to the stories of all the important side characters.

I believe that Vinland Saga is going to become one of the top. The show has brilliant animation, amazing characters and a beautiful premise.

The writing was not the most original beginning in the first season, but it is going to evolve as Thorfinn starts to become a more diverse character.

All of you should watch Vinland Saga as this anime gives us a bit of everything. Even the first season of this anime is exhilarating to watch, and I would give it a rating of 8/10.

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