Top Ten Science Fiction Webtoons

Top 10 Sci fi Webtoons

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What do you imagine when you think of the Top Ten Science Fiction Webtoons?

Sci-fi has always been the genre people expected ‘a lot more’ from considering how the likes of ‘Star Wars’ and ‘the Terminator series’ have set the bar so high for the new creators.

Many creators have a tendency to just want to go wild with nothing but science and technology being their ‘partners in crime’ whilst doing so.

No pressure, new artists, but at the same time, it's a genre that has probably the broadest of horizons if that makes sense. It is on par with the fantasy genre that taught it’s good old ‘sci-fi sibling’ how the spotlight was meant to be shared.

Sci-fi is just all over the place in this day and age. They are in movies, anime, comics, and TV shows. Everyone wants to be a part of a universe where ‘nanotechnology’ and ‘black holes’ have been made as interesting as anything can get, often making people select the wrong programs and degrees cause of a little ‘too much excitement’.

Today we have a treat for the webtoon fanatics who just can't live without seeing the ‘breath-taking future technology’ or the ‘latest technology possible’ today, making a completely different version of inception come to life. So, with that being said, let's get ready to pull off some all-nighters!


Remn Protocol

Being assigned these ‘mathematical names’ aren't that big of a deal considering the ‘X Æ A-12' that almost broke the internet not a while ago.

Never mind it did break the internet.

Everyone has dreams. Some want to conquer the world, some want to live a happy life with a loving family while others just want to bring a live action harem to life, but dreaming isn't a privilege that's been granted to everyone.

Some are just ‘spending’ their time, unsure of their very own existence on that land their feet touched a minute or two ago. Making us emotional right from the start.

Remn Protocol only gets better and better since that 'android' of a protagonist made a number of memorable faces come to everyone’s mind and the 'Remn' makes it all the sweeter if you know what I mean.

The panels sure like to keep it spicy, often playing flip flop every other second with her being surrounded by these machines to her becoming Lucy from Elfin Lied all of a sudden.

Just what are these hazy memories, these vague flashbacks and this setting that she's suddenly a part of?

The neon lights speak louder than words and those plushie cute animals aren’t what they seem to be, that’s all I can say.

Author Quote:

Arthur C. Clark

“How inappropriate to call this planet "Earth," when it is clearly "Ocean.”



Now we've heard of these ‘perfect couples’, the ‘made for each other love birds.’ You know, the ones that give us a dose of sweetness only to make us lose faith in everything that exists here in the real world, but aren't the unlikely, unfit ‘duos’ the ones that truly bring the best any title has to offer?

With a ‘genetically enhanced perfect macho super soldier’ and a ‘wishing to be diabetic her entire life mercenary’, it's safe to say that they took the ‘ikari warriors’ and ‘trans Gintoki’ ideas to the very next level.

Though do those things even matter when you're considered the best not only Earth, but the entire galaxy?

That's quite a title if you ask me and to be able to uphold it throughout the series, it's quite a feat to accomplish.

Temerity features the duo in question, debunking the long-believed myth that ‘sci-fi doesn't blend in well with any other genre out there’.

Add in some drama, some romance, a little bit of comedy and isn't that the recipe of a great webtoon.


City of Blank

Based in a world where ‘blanks’ can take away almost everything you possess. City of Blank sure takes the ‘erase concept’ to the very next level. The very setting brings a lot of cool accessories to life which I have no idea why the authors haven't put out as merch.

Rex is on the look-out for answers. He's on a quest to uncover the mystery that underlies his brother's death. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Rex is more than well aware of that line that a certain new protagonist has been all about, but jumping into a bottomless pit headfirst?

Of course not! This isn't shounen jump lads! Possessing what might be considered a curse, Rex can physically contact Blanks making him much of an oddball in the universe that the webtoon is based in.

The masks, the flames, the ‘looks like a kunai but is definitely not a kunai’ knives, the characters and the environments are here to make his quest all the memorable cause the mysteries and the thrill his adventure carries aren't all there is to this rather ‘blank’ title..



Naming a sci-fi title ‘Lucky!’ sure sounds that they think of the word being a ‘good omen that would bring luck’ or something like that. Starting off with characters that would drive any sane mind away, the title truly isn't much welcoming now, is it?

Plus, with character names like lucky and daily, I thought someone was on acid while drawing it considering how the colors are just all over the place as well . . .

Yet, everything changed as I dived deeper into what the title had to offer. The way it brought back the ‘appearances are often deceptive’ back to life was what made ‘Lucky!’ more than just a ‘pimp nightclub logo’ that's about to go out of business.

An alien popping out of nowhere sure makes you question what you just had for dinner. But Francis is more than just welcoming towards Lucky, everything progressing to him finally getting a place he can call ‘home’. But things are never that simple now, are they?

The title wonderfully depicts the events that would follow the fateful encounter between the two faces and is a tale to remember I tell you.


In The Bleak Midwinter

Now I'd like to start off by saying that the music is a must on this one. Make sure you're reading the first couple of chapters with the music on cause otherwise it's just not worth it to be honest.

Making you teary eyed with a first chapter like that, the authors sure know how to make the readers ‘feel attached’ to the series, wasting no time at all.

With the idea of soulmates giving birth to so many questions to having the date engraved to the front of your wrist . . . The Bleak Midwinter builds up the premise really well for what's about to hit us all not long after that ‘first encounter’.

Everyone wants an escape, the ability to cast away everything and be in this limbo where one can turn a blind eye to everything.

Anya has it tough and it's only natural for her to take up that shady organization on their offer since she'd do anything to get the ‘rest’ she's been longing for.

But waking up, having your own wrist do a glow on you while having a gun in your face, is this still a dream?

It's just tragedy for Anya left and right and she's always in the middle of what's right and what's wrong.



We are half way down the Top Ten Science Fiction Webtoons list! Now here's a jewel. From the get go, that’ Nishinoya from Haikyuu’ as the ‘mascot thumbnail’ was enough to make me read the webtoon in one sitting, but hitting me with manga art with a style that reminded me of Hunter X Hunter and Dr. Stone! Calm down man!

There's a limit to what a weeb can take! Capacitas is just a lot to take in and that ‘elite hunter codenamed destroyer’ doesn't help it at all. Whether it's for us or Aaron Havers who's just so ambitious when it comes to being a hunter in that hunter obsessed world.

It's only natural that they used a completely different examination criteria since a strike from the ‘everyone's favorite manga on indefinite hiatus’ isn't going to be one you can talk your things through.

In reality it has something completely different in stored for us, making the truth hit harder than any other thing in the world since a 'not measurable' status isn't one Aaron was expecting even in his wildest dreams.

What is the strange noise that he's been hearing constantly ever since the assessment? An emergency evacuation order after a blackout? A mere coincidence or what?



No! No one's repairing any vehicles! Dents brings us the vintage US comic style with that art and story that hits us with the nostalgia that we've been craving for a while now.

However, Dents takes it up a notch and the whole virus infection, quarantine, riots and vaccination will make one remember what's been going on outside all this time.

What a perfect time to pick up this title! Just what our paranoid mind could ask for, no? Imagine people being scared of identical twins after all this.

Amidst all that, having a ‘Dent revelation’ out of the blue isn't what anyone would want even in a million years.

Eleanor, making the place ‘scream’ by a mere shout, someone sure did a lousy job with that glass. Now everyone's out for her blood.

That very event opened a whole new realm, a completely different chapter in her life, one that comes up with a lot of questions that need quick answers. But most important of them all, who and where is that ‘twin’?

Glacias Collectors Volume Bookcover

Line Webtoon Canvas

Honorable Mentions:

Well, if you’re someone who’s done with every other title on the list then we’ve got a lot more from where that came from cause we don’t want anyone feeling left behind or anything.

Though seriously can you tone it down a little? You hungry animal! Just kidding, just kidding. Here are the honorable mentions that almost made the Top Ten Science Fiction Webtoons list.

Loved Psycho Pass? Want to see another world where AI is the one pulling the strings while humans just sit back, relax and drink their digital coffee?

‘If AI ruled the world’ is the new kid in town so it’s the perfect time to befriend him and know all about him since he’s nervous and everything, no?

Need galaxies and E.T. to spice things up cause Earth being the only sphere in the picture makes things bland and boring?

‘Denma’ is here to keep you company with its iconic art style and one of a kind story for every ‘intergalactic fanatic’ out there. Ever wondered who’s responsible for all your video games running as smooth as it gets?

No, not your 2-grand setup! Silly it’s a patch! Guardians of the Video game is all any gamer could ask for cause it brings you the best of both worlds without stopping at just that..

If AI Ruled the World


Guardians of the Video Game


Ava's demon

With Jujutsu Kaisen just making all of us yell with excitement every other Friday for like six months now, it feels like something's missing now.

Ava's Demon is the perfect alternative if you'd ask me cause that alien queen would give the ‘finger obsessed demon’ a run for his money real quick. Seriously though, getting sent to the principal's office just cause of day dreaming, what kind of school is that?

To top things off, the principal threatening an expulsion the moment you walk in. Brutal. Paper Pushing Moron, serves you right.

Ava's demon brings us a strange tale between the two sides of the coin, the good and the evil, the dark and the light, showing us just what fighting your inner demons would look like.

Seeking revenge has never been an easy task. Especially, more so if you have to travel around the universe to have a date with the one who razed your empire and crumbled it to pieces, but Wrathia is a stubborn one.


The Last Dimension

From two children bringing out a new, deadly version of ‘hide and seek’ to an end no one saw coming, names like Koyol, Pekken and Maulikazim aren't the only things that would make you question whether the title is worth your time or not.

The Last Dimension quickly turns it around and shows us a school setting that brings a totally different North and South America that we've never seen before.

Bringing genotypes and phenotypes to the table, the authors sure have done their research with that enhancer genes and blah blah.

Good work! The webtoon is super interesting after that gibberish first chapter or so with chondrias being equivalent to quirks, showing us just what the title has in stored for us down the road.

Lugo, Fai and Anne make it all the sweeter by bringing all these other elements to the story and with cheesy jokes here and there, it's the perfect universe any one could ever ask for!


Room of Swords

Who's ready to take a trip back to the ‘NES 80's days’ where that iconic 'Press start!' was all it took to get us all hyped and ready to retrieve that sword from the demon about to swallow the world a whole?

If you ever thought to yourself what an 'astronaut on borrowed time on an abandoned planet' would look like while being in this cycle of repeated resurrection then here's just the thing for you!

Oh, and I gotta say, those heart shaped biscuits look so damn amazing!

It honestly made me remember Ocarina of Time with those 20 hearts that I collected after reading that wiki a million times. With 'Scout' and 'Vitalitablets' being his only allies, it's only natural that our cute little space guy is a bit confused as to what to do and what not to do in a not so friendly place.

All these 'video game inspired encounters' and the retro theme of literally every other thing adds so much to the charm of the series that I couldn't see myself not giving it the number 1 spot.

It brought back so many memories while gifting me all these new ones that I'll be sure to remember for the rest of my life.

Oh, and again, with this one, the music is a must. The way those 2D comic panels come to life in addition to those 8-bit colors harmonizing with the music brings us the best of both worlds, truly. Don’t forget that!

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