Is Attack on Titan Worth the Hype?

Attack on Titan Season 4 release date Fall 2020.

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular action-shounen anime in the world with Season 4 stated to be the last and final chapter. It is seen by many as an absolute masterpiece in terms of animation and even story.

Though, there are those who call this anime overrated, I’m here to argue against it.

Personally, I believe that Attack on Titan deserves all the love that it gets!

Bear that this is my opinion as a anime fan and you have your own right to believe differently. With that out of the basket, let's begin!

Yes, this anime was not the best at the start, but it became better with time as each new season uncovered more and more of the rich story.

Attack on Titan’s story developed in a brilliant and unique way with a special blend of complexity that breeds conspiracy theorist. We learned of the trials each character undertook, but their past, who they become, and the history of the world is what drove home.

Let’s take a closer look at all the different aspects of this anime.

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Anime Quote:

Hajime Isayama

"Someone who cannot abandon everything cannot achieve anything."

First the Plot *Slight Spoiler*.

The plot of this anime is set in an alternate universe in which humanity has been sent to the brink of extinction. Giant man-eating monsters known as the titans have dominated the entire planet! The remaining humans live behind three huge walls to protect themselves from these ferocious creatures.

We follow the story of Eren Yeager, who hates the current state of his people. Eren believes that humanity is not safe behind these walls, and he was right.

One day, the titans suddenly break through the walls and kill hundreds of innocent people. Eren’s mother also dies as a result of this attack, and this boy swears to kill every last titan in the entire world.

The plot of this anime sounds quite unique and exciting, but also a little too straightforward. However, this plot evolves as the story progresses. Attack on Titan is actually an incredibly complicated show which evolves with every new season. More info on this would spoil it for you.

Next is the Animation.

The art and animation in this anime is top-notch with a style that have slight influences from Claymore!

In fact, the animation is one of the significant strong points of this anime as this show feels like a breathtaking rollercoaster ride. Every scene is drawn in the most fluid and beautiful manner, and the transitions between scenes are also done just right. Wit Studio has done a remarkable job with this masterpiece.

Did I mention Characters?

The characters in this anime are all very diverse and realistic in terms that you can relate with them and even understand decisions made. The characters are not just represented by a single trait, and their personalities also evolve over the show’s run.

You can’t help but fall in love with all of the different characters in this series as they can be extremely relatable. This show pays a lot of attention to both the primary and side characters.

Lastly is the Soundtrack.

The soundtrack of this anime are both extraordinarily emotional and epic by all proportions. They are produced in the most heavenly manner, and the transition between them and how they are implemented in the series is just plain beautiful.

Final Thoughts...

The first season of Attack on Titan is decent, but not my favorite. It does not make this series a masterpiece, unless you continue watching the seasons that come after. The best thing about this anime is the fact that the story gets better with every new season.

If we consider this series as a whole, then I would definitely call it a classic masterpiece.

Aside from the complex, yet rich story. It also involves some very intricate topics like politics and war that can stir the mind. In the end, I have respect for it and highly recommend it. This hyped-up anime deserves a watch by every member of the anime community!

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Written by Zorez

18-year-old Zorez is a talented writer, and yes, also an anime enthusiast. Skilled in research, he has been working as a freelance writer for some years now. When not writing, Zorez is a guitarist by hobby.

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