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Hunter X Hunter is Brilliant . . .

When it comes to anime, there are a few names that stand out compared to the rest. You know them as the anime that the entire world speaks of. When it comes to 'those' anime, most people have Naruto, Death Note, Bleach or Dragon Ball at the tip of their tongues since they're the titles that have left their mark across the world ever since their debut on paper, but what if I told you that there's another anime that's from the same era, the very same 90's era when the Shonen Jump magazine started popping off and featuring such titles that are still considered masterpieces to this very day?

I'm pretty sure you won't be surprised since the name in the title isn't one that people aren't aware of. Hunter X Hunter, ever since its debut, was considered as something that would be the next big thing out there. Getting a 'proper' anime adaptation more than a decade later, fans were compelled to question whether Hunter X Hunter would be another name that never gets an anime adaptation in addition to a million of others who are still on the waiting list waiting for their day to come.

They really kept them waiting, but the anime adaptation brought back what was forgotten and introduced new elements to the genre. Everything came hand in hand with a nostalgia that we just couldn't shake off. Hunter X Hunter is truly one of the best anime ever made since it does everything so perfectly whilst bringing back the action and adventure genre in the 'shonen' way that it was meant to be shown ever since the beginning. Let's have a look at what exactly makes the show such a hit that despite it's manga being on a long hiatus, people have never stopped being wanting more. Even the magazine wants the creator on the crew since they're fans of the series as well, wanting to see how the series comes to an end.

Anime Quote:

Killua from Hunter X Hunter

"If I ignore a friend I have the ability to help, wouldn’t I be betraying him?"

The good old Shonen we love:

Let me ask you a question. What do people love the most about Dragon Ball? The very first Dragon Ball just so we're on the same page. No, it's not the action packed lightning fast fighting that makes us jump all over the place for no reason at all.

Try to go back in time to that point when you were a little bean and were watching the show without a care in the world. What do you see? What do you feel yourself to be the most inspired of when the letters assemble in your head, making 'Dragon Ball' come on the screen? Yes, adventure. Adventure has always been something that was intriguing since the whole curiosity and 'not knowing what's out there' in the world was something that made the wait for the next episode all the harder.

I'm pretty sure we wanted to embark on these quests ourselves when we grow up since something about that adventure made our eyes light up in an instant. Hunter X Hunter takes that original adventure genre while staying true to the Shonen roots and shows us a journey, a tale that makes binge watching the show the easiest thing in the entire universe. You'll feel that when you start watching it. Trust me.

A band of characters making it hard to choose favorites:

Every Shonen anime out there has a duo, a trio or a posse that makes it difficult to 'see' who the main character is if the show gives all the characters equal attention just like a mother would to all her kids.

Hunter X Hunter stays true to that idea and features one of the best character developments in anime history. As the story progresses, we see more and more to the characters which makes things all the interesting and provides us with a story rich show that adds to it's perfection.

Whether it's Gon, a boy who's pure to the very core making our heart melt the moment he's on the screen or Killua whose bloodlust and assassin vibes at times can be frightening but he's good on the inside. Kurapika, out for blood, his clan eradicated by the Phantom Troupe or Leorio who shows us what a friend really is.

You can't help but love the squad since they're always there for each other and never give up on one another since they're more than well aware of the fact that they're the only ones they have and can count on now.

Antagonists? Hold my beer.

A Shonen anime is as good as the antagonist is. A show where the adventure's in the air and you've got a lot of action on the table, people fighting almost all the time has to feature a good antagonist who lights that fire in the hearts of both the characters and the viewers at the same time.

Most of the people regard the Akatsuki as the best 'villain group' out there since they featured people who were from completely different backgrounds, exhibiting completely different abilities, united by a single cause. But have you heard of the name Phantom Troupe?

I'm pretty sure you haven't. You're missing out on a lot you know? And that's not all. Every arc of Hunter X Hunter features an antagonist that makes us wish that the arc had never ended. But then we know that the next one would feature an even better adversary so it's all good at the end of the day. Whether it's Hisoka who's never clear as to which side he's on or Illumi who does things for the gist of them or the Bomber who wants to make the most the game has to offer, you can't help but affirm that the antagonists bring out the best the protagonists have to offer while making the show go down another road, steer in a different direction that makes things interesting everytime and prevent the story from ever going bland by any means.

I didn't mention anything of Meruem since I want you to experience the character first hand yourself. I know, I'm very kind.

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It's okay, you're human as well:

Anime in the past featured characters like Goku and Kenshiro who just never had to face defeat since their power levels were sky high all the time, but that very thing in time took the excitement element from the equation since things got predictable and repetitive.

At that point, the audience was the writer of the show rather than the author himself. A character who has his ups and downs and isn't at his best every day, him going through so much, having his encounters and experiences shape and model him to someone who can face everything head on tomorrow is just beauty in itself.

That's the best thing about Hunter X Hunter. Despite featuring kids who just can flip the world upside down whenever they feel like it, Hunter X Hunter shows us that it's okay for a person to be weak, it's okay for a person to feel troubled, it's okay for a person to be afraid since we're all humans at the very end. It's something that makes Hunter X Hunter shine all the brighter as the best anime out there since it's another of a trillion of things that it does way better than many other show out there.

The best arc out there for a reason:

Yes, you heard it right. The Chimera Ant arc was voted the best anime arc of all time. And I totally agree since during that arc, the show was at its climax and had a lot going on. I don't want to spoil anything for you since it'd be nothing less than a sin to tell you what's going down in that arc beforehand.

You gotta see it for yourself since it truly lives up to the title its received. That's just another feather in the cap. Hunter X Hunter is truly a anime at it's finest. The show does everything so perfectly, so well that it's hard to even compare it to any other show out there, the outcome being clear even before the clash occurs.

The people who've watched it totally agree with me, I'm pretty sure. But those amongst you who haven't should go on and watch it since you're missing out on so much that I feel sorry for you. I truly do. It's an anime that you won't be forgetting for an eternity to come. Mark my words. It'd be your top 10 show of all time the moment you're like 10 episodes into the show. Better start rearranging your list.

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Written by Fateh Isa

I’ve always been into writing since day one. Along the way I found anime and manga and it was just delightful transforming my thoughts into words. I feel at ease writing about them and it’s truly something I find solace in.

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