Top 5 Fantasy Webtoon Originals

Top 5 Fantasy Webtoons

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The Top 5 Fantasy Webtoon Originals may not be what many folks would expect. The webtoon platform is, by no means, unfamiliar or unknown to the word fantasy. Especially, if you take into account the ‘originals’ that have amassed such a huge audience in a couple of weeks, days at most.

You'll find a plethora of titles giving a myriad of stars a run for their money for there's no lack of imagination or creativity when it comes to the word webtoon itself.

Okay, that reference is a little too farfetched, but you get my point. If you're new to the whole 'art being cocaine to the eyes' then, you're in luck for we'll be bringing you 5 fantasy webtoon originals that are sure to make you turn a blind eye to reality itself.

These are webtoons that really pull on the strings of a new world, and light the flames of what a fantasy can be. The time you're playing ‘scroll-scroll’ on your screen would be one you’ll never forget.

Just don't forget to breathe while you're at it, please. With that being said, get ready to note down some recommendations cause each and every one of these titles is breath taking to say the very least.



Every now and then we come across these ‘anomalies’, these ‘misfits’ that are shunned by their kingdom, rejected by the society, or by the very land that still bears their first footsteps. These can be places that gives meaning to their existence.

It isn't that ‘uncommon’ since it lays the foundation of a great plot and a setting that teams up perfectly with the characters to paint the already well drawn canvas, going down as a masterpiece in history.

‘The Irregular at Magic High School’ being the prime example of the show in question. Being a fan of that series, I wasn't hesitant at all when I read the overview or synopsis as you'd say of the webtoon title ‘Deor’.

Being that 'different' guy is never easy at all, more so if everyone around you is super drunk on the ‘supernatural’. In this case it's to the point that it makes the normal seem all the more abnormal.

What would Deor do when he's put in the position to save the very kingdom, rescue the very people who made his life a living hell in the past?

With him being his only ally ever since he was a kid, is the ‘magius’ even worth all the reverence? Some questions are better left unanswered cause what’s been going on in the shadows isn’t something everyone can face with their eyes wide open.

Author Quote:

J.M. Barrie

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”



We've all heard the word ‘Gosu’ so many times on the internet that it’s kind of a meme at this point. That’s kind of understandable for the meaning it holds and the impact it delivers, but a webtoon named after that, how could that not be a banger, right?

You're very right cause ‘GOSU’ takes the fantasy-action duo to the very next level. I'm telling you, the art and action in this one is just spectacular.

Teacher-student relationships are sometimes so precious. A lot of anime and manga have always managed to deliver them in the perfect way possible. In some cases, making ‘parting ways’ a nightmare not only for the two people in question, but what if the master you respected to the ends of Earth dies at the hands of some rather ‘unexpected’ people?

Vengeance and anger would be the only emotions going wild in your head till the day you've settled the score with the ones that were responsible for that tragedy.

Gang Yong makes avenging his master's death his very reason for breathing, honing his skills and undergoing intensive training to make sure his master's killers pay for what they did, but when the stage is set and the time is right, he runs into a roadblock, a stalemate that makes him question fate, life, the world itself.

These turn of events wasn't something he ever expected.


The Witch and the Bull

If I was to describe this series in one word it'd be 'magical.'

This series makes you feel like you're a part of this ‘other universe’, one that you don't want to return from even after a whole day of binging with that beautiful music kicking in the background.

We've all seen how it's like for these royal advisors, people who are there just to look after everything the prince and the king are responsible for. Not sure why in many cases the throne makes people's head stop functioning.

With witches being witches, it's only natural that Tan’s hatred for witches is so deep rooted that no one is able to talk things through with him. I guess he watches Winx Club a lot.

Hatred can bring destruction and make you go hollow inside. Yes, we've all heard that more than just a couple of times, but getting afflicted by this curse that makes him a Bull? Wait! What?! Creators! First of all, why a bull and how is that even a bull? I don't understand!

There's always that ‘one way’ to undo the curse no matter what universe we're talking about. Aro, being a witch we've never seen before, holds the key to reverting Tan back to what he was before the curse got the better of him. Nothing will change if you won't change yourself, right? Yes, that holds true here as well.

Line Webtoon Canvas

Honorable Mentions:

As always, we have something more in case these 5 weren't enough.

Loved ‘The King's Avatar’ or 'Solo Leveling'? Well, with Webtoon coming up with its own 'Hardcore Leveling Warrior'.

It'd be a clash of titans between the pros of the two universes. Of course, that exists only in your head since this isn't a crossover or anything of that sort.

Ever wondered what else strength and a buffed body could be used for?

You're in luck cause Jaeho from The Strongest Florist will show you that ‘fighting, thrashing and wiping the floor with others’ isn't all there is to strong men out there. Some are flower fans for instance.

Want a rollercoaster ride of emotions that would shake your own inside out?

Catharsis is the perfect catharsis with catharsis being the ruler of this catharsis webtoon that's there for your catharsis no matter what catharsis we're talking about. Okay just shoot me in the head or something!

Hardcore Leveling Warrior


The Strongest Florist


Zero Game

When it comes to life, only 0.1% of people have everything all planned. It's just the way things work in the real world. Hanna has it hard. With the death of her parents making her life a living hell, it's only natural that everything seems as if it's falling apart all of a sudden.

A break, a respite, a nap, an escape is all Hanna and each and every one of us want at times. Well, I want it all the time, but don’t be like me.

With an email coming up with instructions on how to be a part of this supposedly ‘interesting fun game’ called Zero game, it doesn't sound too bad either with the good old ‘High risk, high reward’ being the game in a nutshell, right?

Well, losing marks the end of your existence. Winning brings with it the grand opportunity to press the reset button with the cheat codes on this time, throughout the entire playthrough at that as well. It's safe to say that it's a gamble many of us would love to take. I would at least, especially with how much video games I play.

With all these new faces and situations she never expected before, the mysteries taking suspense up a notch every other chapter, it's a journey we all want to witness, and our girl Hanna is the star of the show basking in the spotlight.


Omniscient Reader

We are finally at our last stop for the Top 5 Fantasy Webtoon Originals.

This webtoon is clear proof that any of you who wants to start One Piece would be old and having grand-children the time it ends. Dokja can tell you exactly how it's like to be with a series throughout it's beginning to its very end. A regular webtoon read for a webtoon fanatic on his way home from work, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Even if it's a webtoon that's been running for like a decade now with you being the only ‘1 view, 1 comment’, still what could possibly go wrong? No! No! I'm not saying that you should see the psychiatrist or call up your old school friend for a meetup or anything. Don't jump to conclusions yourself!

However, for a fan to receive an email from the very person whose work has him mesmerized, making him tune in every other week, that's just a dream come true if I've ever heard of one.

Dojka being the only fan and him knowing everything that’s about to come everyone’s way, that's too much of an advantage for a rather failure of a person as they call him, no? Yet, 7 pm has struck and only he knows what that means.

This webtoon gave me hope that it’s just a matter of time before your favorite series becomes a reality!

This webtoon has made it to number one due to it owning every part to what makes a great webtoon. The story captures you, the art enchants you, and the characters are worth the investment.

This is honestly an underrated series when compared to the bigger titles in the Fantasy Genre, but I genuinely feel that this is well deserved.

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