Fate Series Anime: Anime Review

Fate Series has grown in popularity.

I'm pretty sure you've seen this name pop up while you're surfing the web without a care in the world, or you just might have heard about it from a friend of yours who just can't shut up about how 'perfect' the series is.

Well . . . he's not wrong.

The original storyline spans a few titles namely, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works with the addition of the Heaven's Feel movies, and all are nothing short of the word 'amazing'.

They're light novel adaptations that bring us everything and anything you could ask for, basically all that makes a series top the charts everywhere on the internet.

A lot of people haven't tried it since it's got a daunting amount of titles, and even more coming up every couple of months. One Piece being the prime example of what I'm saying. Brought to us by Ufotable Inc with the sole exception of Fate/Stay Night, the original.

With the original, you already have a clue of what you're about to get for the entirety of the series right? Well, I'll be walking you through what exactly makes the Fate series so 'complete' and 'perfect' that no one would be able to avert their eyes from their screens for even a second.

You heard me right, get your binge watching glasses ready cause it's never been so easy and enjoyable.

With animation that's nothing short of being god tier to the eyes, Ufotable, has dedicated to making every scene, every transition, and the color breath taking to say the very least. This makes the universe all the more appealing and mesmerizing since everything is made all the better with that crisp animation that makes us appreciate just how beautiful everything looks in motion. The passion often missed in certain animations is not missed here.

Not to mention, things only get better as we dive deeper into the story with all new locations, all new characters getting introduced, the anime giving us more than we can handle.

I mean we already saw one of the most beautiful anime to date, Demon Slayer. Imagine that with more than double the episode count, unique characters, different personalities and an engaging storyline. That's the Fate series in a nutshell.

Anime Quote:

Kotomine Risei. Fate Series

"One's true worth shows as hardship increases."

Is Fate Series worth watching?

A storyline that tells us everything, yet tells us nothing at the same time. When it comes to the story the Fate series doesn't hold back any punches. From the start we have an idea of what's been going on and how the series would proceed from that point onwards. The Holy Grail War with these participants fighting to have their wish granted at the end. That sure explains what the show would be about. But at the same time, the questions as to why? when? how? where? They all go unanswered making it seem as if the anime told us almost nothing as to what's about to happen as we move on to the later episodes.

Plus, every character has his/her own motive and as to why they're fighting for this 'Holy Grail' is revealed later on in the series making it all the better cause boy oh boy everything is so well written making the pieces come together to make the perfect picture possible. It'll be a tale, a voyage, a journey to remember. Mark my words.

We've all in some way have viewed the universe from every direction imaginable. Watching the Fate series is just like that, especially at the end when you wonder 'what if?'

It's natural since the shows are at times so engaging that they make us imagine the whole story from an entirely different perspective. You're sure to feel the same way when you watch the very first one that came out, Fate/Stay Night.

The Fate series follow-ups tell the exact story with those very same characters but with turns and twists that weren't there in the original. At times, things are so different that it makes the whole universe have an entirely different meaning, a totally new outcome.

It's a treat for all the fans out there who just can't get enough of the original storyline, wanting more and more. Now with the Heaven's Feel movies you get yet another different take of the series making you see things in a totally different timeline. They sure know how to keep the fans hooked on to the show.

Giving whole new meanings to the words 'master' and 'servant.' When these words come up in an anime we imagine some maid working the entire day just to make the 'housekeeper' happy, but when it comes to the Fate Series, those words weigh a lot more than they ever have. In the Holy Grail War, you fight to death with these other 'masters' while being one yourself.

The thing is you won't be the one doing the fighting. The Masters are the ones pulling the strings. Your Servants would do the fighting for you. Think of it as a puppeteer with the servant being the puppet, obeying any command you come up with. Way to have your cake and eat it too.

The Servants are all these historical figures that we've only seen in books, or in the tales that we used to hear back when we were kids. You might be getting an idea of what's on your way right?

History never looked so interesting: I'm sure you've heard of the likes of King Arthur, Alexandar the Great, Gilgamesh and Hercules right? Well if you're a history nerd then the Fate series would swallow you whole with the plethora of characters it has to offer and their historical connections.

You'll see all these renowned historical figures come to life and to make things all the sweeter, they'll be the ones doing the fighting. You'll be feeling as if your history teacher was working part time with the studio.

The characters stay true to their original personalities bringing you the exact character from the time he/she was alive. It's a blast from the past for sure.

Action that'd make you forget the likes of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball is the epitome of the Martial Arts genre. The characters just fight and fight all the time just to see who can come up with a bigger flash of light from their hands. I won't roast it much since it was my childhood. I love the series, but the Fate series takes fighting to the very next level.

Every servant, has tricks up their sleeves which makes combat all the more interesting. King Arthur vs. Hercules? Well we've got that right here. Also the crisp animation makes sure we get one of the best engages we've had in anime history, the impacts, the transitions, the fluidity, everything is top notch and of the highest quality.

The adrenaline rush is real. Plus with the addition of the Reality marbles, get ready to see just how much a servant is capable of.

The Verdict . . .

The Fate series as a whole is nothing short of the word 'amazing'. From the start the series takes you all in with it's irresistible cast of characters and story elements. It's a series worth binging over. It does everything so 'right' and offers so much that any anime fan would be sold right away.

Whether you're a muscle head who just wants to see fights all the time or just someone who's looking for an engaging storyline ready to take him/her all in, the Fate series has got something for everyone making it hard for it to not be in your top 5 anime of all time list.

I'm pretty sure a lot of you have already watched it, but if you haven't, then you're sleeping on the series. It's a series that has that One Piece aura to it, and though the order may be just 'too confusing,' well, I can just explain a simple guide below.

First you watch Fate/Stay Night, the original, then Fate/Zero and then Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works followed by the Heaven's Feel movie adaptations. The rest are spin offs and alternative side stories that only true fans would enjoy so you'll have to try them to figure out whether they're your cup of tea of not.

What are you waiting for now?

Go and watch it if you haven't already. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

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Written by Fateh Isa

I've always been into writing since day one. Along the way I found anime and manga and it was just delightful transforming my thoughts into words. I feel at ease writing about them and it's truly something I find solace in.

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