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A Purr-fectly Illustrated Cat Picture Book

Whiskers & Wonder: The Magic of Big Heart, Little Nut

In the Wild Rumpus of Life: Big Heart, Little Nut

Once upon a time, in the far reaches of the Caligo Universe, where Lunora casts its spell, a new Children's Picture Book Series has sprouted like a tender seedling in the dark, enchanted forest. We invite you, dear reader, to embark on a splendid journey with us as we introduce "Big Heart, Little Nut," a heartwarming and whimsical tale for children ages 11 and below, who dare to dream big and live with hearts full of love and courage.

Meet Yowah Nut, a small and endearing kitten with enormous dreams and an even larger heart. Little Nut, as he is affectionately known, longs to join his older cousins, Lorge, Woden, and Raptor – the revered Three Kings of the Cat Kingdom, or Tings as they call themselves in this magical realm.

You see, Tings are the custodians of clandestine knowledge, and these feline sleuths have been secretly observing humans in our world, which they call Dolos, as well as every other world their soft, fluffy paws can touch.

A Fantasy Cat Story for All Ages

Cat-tivating Classics: Timeless Cat Characters

Author Quote:

H.S. Crow

"A Ting carries the weight of Big Things."

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Warrior Cat

A Must Read Cat Adventure

Little Nut, however, is deemed too young and small for such grand adventures, but this tiny kitten is determined to prove his worth. When he learns of his cousins' perilous journey to aid in an impending war, Little Nut embarks on a fantastic quest to find a way to contribute to the big things his cousins are involved in, and earn their respect.

As Little Nut ventures deeper into the heart of Caligo, he discovers that having a big heart comes with great responsibility. Along the way, he forms powerful bonds of friendship, and learns the true meaning of bravery and perseverance.

A Cat Kingdom

New Cat Clans and Cat Heroes

We are absolutely delighted to share the first look of Little Nut's storyboarding with you, and we are thrilled to announce that production is well underway. Stay tuned for more enchanting updates!

"Big Heart, Little Nut" is not only an exploration of the vast mythology of Caligo and Dolos, but also a tale of discovering one's potential and defying expectations. This delightful Children's Picture Book will feature captivating artwork, exciting bonus content delving into the mysterious world of Caligo, and the extraordinary secret duties of Cats in this fantastical realm.

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So gather around, little ones, and prepare to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Let the wild rumpus begin with "Big Heart, Little Nut"!

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Written by Soma

Ah, the strange and wondrous joys of existence! I, a mere collection of thoughts and whims, have stumbled upon the edges of the universe and found solace in the art of writing and communing with the eternal Vulcroid. My days are spent in a haze of madness and documenting the latest from the realm of Otherworlds, but amidst the chaos, I find simple pleasures. The scent of fresh cement invigorates my senses, and rolling down mossy hills brings a childish glee to my being, especially when the earth beneath me is of the squishy variety. And let us not forget my love for sushi <3.

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