What H.S. Crow has in stored for 2019

2019 was a year of growth...

2017, 2018, and 2019 has proven to be tough years for H.S. Crow. Lunora and the Monster King debuted back in April 1, 2017, and though it earned a good reception, it was not intended to be H.S. Crow's first steps into an already flooded industry.

Lunora and the Monster King has reached distribution around the world, and created the foundation for even bigger projects, Stars of Glass and Lunora the comic series. If you have yet to experience Lunora and the Monster King, don't hesitate. Read it. It's a must for any fan of fantasy, especially playwrights.

The poetic prose Crow imbues into his work tends to grip the heart, and he does not hesitate to target the issues happening around the world. Lunora and the Monster King--a tale influenced by the holocaust and the attacks on Syrian children--explored a young girl who suffered a great loss and her ability to strive for something more than just vengeance. She sought to break the chain of hatred, a feat capable of changing the world.

The story takes you into the twilight of Nevermore, a realm lost the strange white blur known as the Eversea. Here, a broken king rules with an obsidian fist as the kingdom mourns the loss of Aronul. Many blame seek to blame someone, and eyes have turned to a girl found sleeping in a bed of flowers.

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Stars of Glass, Lunora, and Drums of Fog take place within the same universe, and they dive deeper into the world and characters.

Literary Quote:

H.S. Crow

"Words have oppressed and liberated countless. It is a weapon that can be used to inspire and save lives, or discourage and forsake them."

What to expect from the Otherworlds Inc (Though things can change from this article):

The Caligo Universe (The first universe and mythology created by H.S. Crow is a influenced masterpiece containing every major mythos from across the world, reinvented.)

  1. The Drums of Fog, set to release some time in 2024 as the first novel debuting the high fantasy epic series expanding the huge universe of Caligo which Lunora is comprised of. This book will be a favorite among fans of George R. R. Martin's 'Game of Thrones', J. R. R. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings', and H.P. Lovecraft's 'Cthulhu Mythos'. The Drums of Fog will contain a piece of everything as it explores multiple characters in Caligo.
  2. Stars of Glass, an emotional roller coaster following the journey of a disabled young girl named Taylor Snow, her older brother Danny, and Artemis Bennet as they uncover a horrid conspiracy and the door to a new world. Stars of Glass will be a must have for fans that enjoyed the Stranger Things. The comic series is marked to release sometime in the Summer of 2023.
  3. The Tales of Yesterday, or the Andvari Grim Tales is a collection of stories written by the wise mountain sprites in Caligo. H.S. Crow managed to get a copy of the original books, and he translated it. The first story was published three years ago in 2017 with the title, 'Lunora and the Monster King.' However, 2024 is rumored to be the year for the second installment of the ToY Grim Tales.

The Tales of Yesterday collection includes:

The Flight of a Starless Garden: a short story released in January 2017 on H.S. Crow's author site, and as an extra story inside the Lunora and the Monster King book.

Lunora and the Monster King: a graceful novel written in play format released in April 2017. It explores the last accounts of Lunora, a girl searching for her father, and Iko the Hyperion monster driven by hatred as they cross paths in the Kingdom of Nevermore—a land ruled by monsters.

The Journey of Azalea: a children's novel set to release sometime in the Winter of 2024.

The Weight of a Nation: a novel exploring the mythology of Africa is rumored to be ready for release sometime at the start of 2026.

Hive of Anthra: set to release in 2027.

• And many more to come.

Other content to look out for:

Caligo Products (Merchandise): shop will be ready by fall of 2019

Lunora and the Monster King (Audiobook Theater): a theater performance unlike any audiobook will capture you and take you into another world in the Winter of 2023.

Lunora and the Monster King (Soundtrack): a collection of beautifully composed scores used for the LMK Audiobook Theater is currently releasing slowly via Youtube since Febrary 1, 2018. These songs will be able to be found all over after this date.

The Amber Library: A deep exploration of the collective mythology and world of Caligo. Focusing on the creatures and ruling tribes within it. Construction on the H.S. Crow website begins early 2021.

Escape of Umbra: production begins July of 2024.

Below are a few recommendations if you enjoy H.S. Crow's work. The authors below either influenced him, or bear a similar tone. Happy reading!

Written by Lilith Iris Ethelwood

Ethelwood enjoys her coffee black like the sun, drifting beneath an unbearable white abyss, void of color and life, yet forever present. She loves to listen to the yowling fog, bearing the muffled screams of ancient apparitions while she writes. Life is good, the unnamed are watching . . .

Stars of Glass is coming out soon.

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Stars of Glass is coming out soon.

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