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Explore Philippine Mythology: Legends Unfold in Mythology Coloring Books

Anito & Diwata Lore

Nestled in the heart of an ancient land, Otherworlds Inc. has embarked on a noble quest: to breathe life into the mythology of bygone eras, transforming them into enchanting and educational experiences for young and old alike. We begin our journey with the mystical realm of the Philippines, where gods, heroes, and mythical creatures abound.

Delve into the enthralling tapestry of Philippine mythology and the indigenous folk religions collectively known as Anito. These arcane tales, whispered by the winds and etched into the very fabric of the Philippine archipelago, reach back hundreds, if not thousands of years.

We invite you to embark on a voyage through a world inhabited by Anitos and Diwatas, heroes, and other revered beings. From the ancestral spirits known as ninuno to the feral creatures of legend, our enchanting collection of illustrations will captivate you and provide a delightful pastime of coloring, all while unearthing the rich history and myths of the Filipino people.

Mythical Creatures of the Philippines

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Reviving Ancient Mythology: How Coloring Books Can Connect You to the Roots of Filipino Culture

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Each exquisite illustration is the handiwork of the gifted Filipino artist, Andrei Carbonilla. Together with writers H.S. Crow and Andrei, they weave a mesmerizing tapestry of myth and legend, guided by the meticulous editing of Rosa May Encarnacion and the keen eyes of Sierra Ashevaili Rottman, our Formatter and Art Director.

As you immerse yourself in this artistic tour de force, you will find yourself traversing the dreams of generations past, honoring the spirits that have long guided the Filipino people.

Philippine Heroes' Sagas

Educational coloring books

Otherworlds Inc.'s collection of mythology coloring books is a treasure trove of lore and artistry, providing parents with a unique and engaging way to share the wonders of the world with their children. These captivating volumes will not only ignite young imaginations but also encourage creativity and provide a soothing respite for those seeking relaxation or relief from anxiety.

Our ultimate aspiration is to preserve, celebrate, and immortalize the mythologies of major cultures across the globe. As a creative studio committed to world-building, we acknowledge that our deepest inspirations are rooted in the very soil of this planet we call Earth.

Ancient Filipino gods

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We warmly invite you to embark on this journey into the annals of the past, and share this magical experience with those you hold dear. As the pages of our coloring books come to life beneath your fingertips, we hope to awaken within you a newfound appreciation for the ancient myths and legends that have shaped our world.

Philippine Mythology Coloring Book is expected to release on 06.2023
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