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King Iko, having left the throne to resurrect his wife, Lunora, ventures through Caligo on a mystic journey forged by fate. Along the way, in facing untold danger and maleficence, his heart will be tested. Can he win the favor of the sprites who believe the lies that swirl about his past?





Dive into a world engulfed by myth and magic. It is a land where anything and everything is possible, even the dream of a broken King named Iko as he sets out in search of Lunora, his wife. He is willing to sacrifice the world if it means finding her, and will face great opposition along the way. He will face monsters, mythical creatures, Kingdoms, Gods, and even things that only the wind whispers in fear of. Enjoy this fantasy touched by romance, tragedy, war, and the imagination.

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Determined to revive his wife,

King Iko sets across Caligo,

searching for a mystic key . . . 

but danger follows closely.

—In darkness lie the fractured hopes of those without a leader—

After losing his wife, Lunora, King Iko abandons the throne, and embarks upon a quest across Caligo to resurrect her. To do so, he’s willing to make any sacrifice—including his people, his land, and the world.

He soon will face great opposition, recognizing Hyperia’s secret: the capital’s corruption and enslavement of its humans.

Can Iko rekindle Lunora’s dream of bringing peace to Nevermore, or will he only serve himself, consumed by absolute despair?

In saving young Naeva from a Caravan of slavers, he again may find himself the true protector he was born to be. But freedom won’t come easy, for Hyperions—the pure of blood—are holding all the cards . . .

— A tale of power, fate, and love —

—High fantasy that’s deepened by its real-world implications—


Team Lunora


H.S. Crow

Lead Artist/Letter

Kev Liew

Art Director

Sierra Rottman


The Otherworlds Inc

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Lunora by H.S. Crow | Fantasy Webcomic

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