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Haikyu anime and Kuroko's Basket which is better?

Haikyu VS Kuroko's Basket is going to be a tough one to decide. These are two of the most popular and well-known sports anime of the last decade, have risen to the forefront of the genre, pushing it ahead in new and exciting ways.

So similar, yet so different. Both are based on manga that initially published in Weekly Shounen Jump, the world's most famous manga magazine, and were animated by the same studio; production I.G. Both appearing on multiple best-of lists and garnering high scores on aggregation websites.’

"But what if I'm not a fan of either of the sports?" you might be wondering if you haven't seen any of these shows. Well, I wasn't myself, and as a result of these anime's comprehensive portrayals of how amazing each sport is in its own way, I've grown a liking for both basketball and volleyball.

Before we begin, let me state that this is simply based on my opinion, and both of these series are fantastic in their own right, deserving of their current popularity and fanbase. I feel that, as with any question of taste, a viewer's decision to interact with any of these shows will be influenced by their personal preferences in entertainment. So, let’s get right into it!

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Both anime are about sport, centering their story around being a newly established high school team as they grow stronger while they face increasingly difficult opponents. with Haikyu!! focusing on volleyball and Kuroko no Basuke focusing on basketball. Both feature a team of two main characters (Hinata and Kageyama/ Kuroko and Kagami) who work together to become even more powerful.

They both share same sports anime clichés such as an almost entirely male cast (with the exception of a female manager or coach) and overpowered main protagonists. Haikyu's production focuses on the main cast's vulnerabilities and how they learn to overcome them, whereas KNB is focused on the antagonists’ (Generation of the miracle) overpowering strength and how the main cast learns to overcome it.

The majority of Haikyu's time is focused on the Karasuno team's skill development. KNB on the other hand emphasizes on the Generation of Miracles from the start, with an opening monologue depicting them as rivals from the protagonist's (Kuroko) past, with the only purpose of conquering them in the end.

Author Quote:

Oikawa Tooru

"Talent is something you bloom, Instinct is something you polish"



Haikyuu is a slice-of-life sports anime with characters who have remarkable mobility, skill, and potential but no unusual super abilities. They're depicted in a realistic way that's easy to relate to. They make errors, laugh about, and practice hard, and as the story unfolds, you'll witness how they evolve.

Haikyu characters are presented as relatively actual high schoolers who LOOK like ordinary high students playing on a reasonably ordinary high school level. Everyone in KNB looked like they should be in college! packed with basketball prodigies reputed to be so talented that if they went pro, they could revolutionize the game forever.

On the other hand, KNB is a fantasy with characters with special abilities ranging from Kise (Perfect copy) to Akashi (Emperor Eye) to Kuroko (Absolute Passing Skills), and then there's the ZONE! However, the series' intense antics, are exactly what most viewers want to see.

This point goes to Haikyuu as its More realistic and Relatable.


SEIRIN FIGHT! SEIRIN FIGHT! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! Those are the chants from KNB; this series is so filled with thrilling energy that viewers begin to cheer for the main team (speaking from personal experience).

Haikyu, on the other hand, is more on the calm and humorous side of things. The comic jabs were frequent, effective, and provided light relief in tense circumstances. However, it’s no match for KNB as most viewers, including myself, are suckers for action and exciting shows. On that note, this point goes to KNB.

Art style/ Visuals:

The art style of KNB is a lot cooler. The art style is vastly different from Haikyu's. All of the characters in KNB have broad shoulders, massive, well-defined muscles, and are exceedingly handsome, with the exception of Kuroko, who appears to be little. A number of them look like grown men, and they're all supposed to be able to cut an intimidating figure on the court, which I find cool.

The characters of Haikyu, on the other hand, are slim, pointed, and sleek. When compared to the grownups in the series, they appear to be a bunch of kids. The visuals of Haikyu are significantly superior to that of the KNB, as they are significantly more vibrant and colorful. Since we all know KNB is a little dated, it's a no-brainer. This point winds down with a tie which is going to make the Haikyu VS Kuroko's Basket even harder to pick from.


Kuroko is a complex character, but Hinata, however is quite interesting. When comparing Hinata with Kuroko, it's clear that Hinata has a much more appealing and well-developed personality. Kuroko is far too straightforward and cold as the story' protagonist due to his role as a shadow of the team. On the other hand, Hinata is the ideal protagonist who is usually in a positive mood and can easily switch once it’s game time. On that note, this point goes to Haikyu.

That's all for now folks! That’s my take on both series for the Haikyu VS Kuroko's Basket look through; kindly share your thoughts in the comments area. What team do you root for? Kindly let us know in the comments section in our social media.

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