The Most Popular Anime of Spring 2020

Tower of God

What is the hype behind this Webtoon?

It’s no wonder that Tower of God is the most popular ongoing non sequel of Spring 2020.

The source of this anime is a Korean Line Webtoon of the same name that has been around for almost a decade, and as of February 2020, this Webtoon has gained over 4.5 billion views worldwide.

You and I both know that this is no ordinary feat.

Thus, it was only natural the anime would gain traction by attracting Webtoon readers.

If you haven’t watched this anime yet, now is the best time. Especially, with the anime reaching its climax in a week, and with all the fuzz going around the internet . . . you could get spoiled anytime.

This series has a lot to offer and if the next season gets announced early then nothing would be stopping the anime from becoming a major hit.

There are over 400 chapters of the Webtoon and it is still ongoing with each chapter pulling in more readers. That’s around 300 episodes worth of material for the anime.

For now let’s talk about this anime and the hype about?


The story revolves around a common goal, which is to reach the top of a tower, and anyone who gets to the top can get anything they desire.

Be it honor and pride, power and influence, money and riches, revenge or to transcend all such things . . .

At the top of the tower exists everything in the world.

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Comic Quote:

Tower of God, Ja Wangnan

"I'll become the King of this Tower! And I will destroy it all! Even if, I have to hold hands with the Devil!"

Top of Tower of God Line Webtoon

Though the plot is all about climbing a tower, this tower is more like another world with limitless possibilities.

As a matter of fact, the strength of the story isn’t the plot itself. It’s the world building, character development, and adventure.

Just like One Piece, Tower of God is also all about an ever expanding story

that will only continue to get better and deeper as it goes on.


The two most popular anime characters of this season are both from Tower of God: Khun and Endorsi.

Tower of God Khun

Khun is a calm and judgmental type. From what we have seen so far, there are possible hints of a troubled past, but it’ll still be a while before we learn what actually happened to him.

Tower of God Endorsi

Endorsi is a smart and cunning lady who knows what she wants. She doesn’t seem to care much about those around her, but does she? I guess, time will tell.

Even though both of these characters are the most popular, there’s hardly anything that we know about them. We can try to elaborate on what we have, but it still leaves the question unanswered, what are their ambitions? Pasts? Personalities?

That’s exactly what Tower of God is about. In this story, we start with the characters from the beginning and gradually discover the world together with them. Little by little, their pasts also come into light and before we know it, we start feeling an emotional connection with the characters. This brings us to the main character named Bam.

Tower of God Bam

For a long time, he had only known darkness.

He didn’t know human language, customs, and traditions. Bam also didn’t even know how to love or hate, and because his character is so bleak, fans seem to dislike the fact that he is the main character, but even if some fans hate the main character now, they will come to like him. This is just the nature of the story we are getting ourselves into.

Now that we are talking about Characters. Crunchyroll has announced an illustration competition for all the Tower of God fans.

The deadline is 22nd July, 2020 which is only a couple of days before the final episode of the anime.

Link below:

Crunchyroll Contest

Tower of God Crunchyroll Fanart Competition

Well, for Crunchyroll to arrange something like this was expected since it is Crunchyroll who licensed the anime, but even so, not every anime gives fans this sort of opportunities to share their talent with the entire fanbase.

As I said before, the first season of this anime will end in a week.

The best case scenario would be for the second season to get announced immediately, but even if that doesn’t happen, we have another Webtoon anime adaptation coming up in July to look forward to . . . The God of High School.

And the hype around that title is also very real. You do not want to miss out on this one too.

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