Made in Abyss: Redefining a word once feared

Made in Abyss . . .

When the word abyss comes to mind we are forced to think about something abysmal or eldritch that sends a shiver down our spine.

The word's been normalized now with it's constant usage in various movies and novels, especially horrors that attempt to imitate the genius of H.P. Lovecraft.

All of that, and even things not mentioned here has made the word lose quite a bit of the magnitude it once held during the height of cosmic horror. However, an abyss that appears out of nowhere in the form of a large hole whose depths know no bounds is truly something that'll attract quite a lot of attention now wouldn't it? Made in Abyss sure introduced an 'Abyss' that people had never seen before. It redefined the grim word we'd known since the early days of literature and created a new scope of what an Abyss could mean.

Set in a beautiful universe filled with all kinds of colors and shapes that makes the scenery pop and even shine, along with characters who you can't help but adore, it's truly a series that's one of a kind and worthy of praise.

With an accolade built over the years, it's garnered the love of many anime fans. It just popped out of nowhere since the comic version was pretty underrated. In truth, not many people knowing about it. However, pure talent doesn't stay unnoticed, nor does it need to be publicized or brought out in the open for the people to notice. It's something that's there and something that reaches the hearts of people on its own.

Let's give ourselves a memory check and look back to what exactly made the anime such a masterpiece and something that made it rack millions of fans in a short amount of time.

Anime Quote:

Ozen, Made in Abyss

"Don’t stay in the deep layers if you don’t want to kill those who are waiting for you.."

A story that has brought the original adventure vibes and the kid inside us back to life:

A while back, decades even, there were two genres that stood out the most in the anime or manga world. We had the action genre featuring two dudes going at each other while getting their hair done and colored in the middle of the fight. Stylists with instant transmission, I get it. Then there was the adventure genre that made us want to embark on a quest to find the rock shaped like an apple with an orange drawn on it in a field of mango trees. What? You haven't?

As time went by the original adventure genre kind of faded away with only the likes of One Piece trying to keep it alive but failing to do so because of the 'snail pace' the show progresses with. Made in Abyss brought something entirely new to the table.

From the beginning the school setting was completely different. We had some mischievous kids who had a firm belief on all kinds of absurd myths making us feel as if we were Einstein when we were little beans. I mean look at the classes with the kids sitting vertically on the wall. It's something that's never been done before and I loved that in particular since it's always refreshing to see new ideas and themes. Moreover, the story was something that brought the long lost genre back in the picture. We had a simple quest, a simple objective, that being to explore the depths of the hole named 'abyss' that has appeared out of the blue, but at the same time that very hole is shrouded in mysteries we knew we wouldn't be getting the answers to for an eternity to come.

A lot of questions unanswered since the beginning with the revelations coming up one after another as the story went by was something that made this story stand out brilliantly. The action was really well done as well and it brought a genre medley that people wouldn't mind rewatching even a few years later.

Plus the way the show's a complete flip flop going a total 180 on you in a matter of seconds is something that makes sure you're all in the show for the entirety of it's runtime. Featuring one of the most unique storylines out there, Made In Abyss is truly one of a kind and a series that can hold it's ground when compared to the big guns in the business.

Characters you can't help but to fall in love with the moment they're on the screen:

The art in Made in Abyss in my opinion is something that made it all the sweeter. It brought the best of the universe together and made it stand out even more. It made the characters look all the more recognizable and suited to the setting. The show exhibited everything in it's perfect place since the anime must be able to draw out the full potential the comic had to offer.

Regu and Riko, you can't help but cheer for this duo. The tag team sure is one of the bravest duos out there. They go for jumps not even the best stuntmen here in Hollywood would think of attempting. Moreover, the whole whistle system where your rank is determined by the color of the whistle you own was something that's way better than the numbers that are usually appointed to you when it comes to an organization in an anime.

From the dark secrets of Ouzen to the 'will make you cry for sure' story of Nanachi and Mitty made it all the harder for you to take a break when the show was playing on the screen. You can't help but to binge watch it all in one go.

The adventures the characters have as a duo makes you want to see more and more of them and it truly breaks the heart when you know that the show would only be there for 13 episodes. It features one of the best cast of characters out there making sure that you don't forget any of them for an eternity to come.

Music that makes you feel as if you are floating in the air with nothing but the clouds holding you in the sky:

I mean there was this sick opening. It had this rhythm with transitions and rotations that made it really hard to skip no matter how much in a hurry you ware to watch the episode. Now that's a tough thing to do. This anime sure doesn't stop on just that. We had OST's that went so well with the picture that it honestly burnt the whole moment into my memory. It even made me want to relive it again. It truly added to the unlimited charm the show already had. With the redefined power of music on rich scenes. This isn't just a story or treat for your eyes, but something your ears will enjoy.

Cliffhangers that kept me coming back for more:

One of the most important things that determine whether a show would've had the same viewers tuning in every week whenever it goes on air is how 'well' the cliffhangers are done. Ending the episode at the perfect moment, and filling the atmosphere with suspense and thrill is a feat that's quite difficult to achieve. This anime has been capable of pulling it off and has started to attract and keep a lot of loyal viewers.

Made In Abyss introduced mystery after mystery, answering some of them, but adding a lot more of them as time went on. In the last 3 or 4 episodes we had a lot on our table since it was like the turning point in the series, introducing all new vital characters while shining light at some of the other characters that were quite praised outside the hole and held in high opinion of.

I kind of felt incomplete when the show ended making me want to read the comic but still nothing's like that crisp animation with that beautiful music that brings out the perfect experience you could ask for when it comes to an anime.

Mystery and thrill is real when it comes to Made in Abyss with it's unpredictable nature that makes you be on the lookout for any 'new' stuff coming your way while always being caught off guard by the anime ever other minute. Checkmate, I'd say.

The Verdict:

It's safe to say that Made in Abyss was the perfect anime to end the year of 2017. It was one of if not the very best the year had to offer, even if it was not that well known. One thing was certain, after the anime ended, the comic had a lot more viewers and was topping the charts all over the internet. It brings a medley of genres never seen before and has story elements that make the genres and the characters shine even brighter than they ever could on their own.

It was something that brought the old and long forgotten adventure genre back in the picture and mixed it up completely into something that's nothing less than the perfect treat for all the viewers out there. If you've been missing out on this anime even when you've had 3 years to watch it, you're missing out on the best Earth has to offer.

Do yourself a favor and watch it. I'm sure you won't be doing anything for the next three hours starting from the moment you press that play button on the screen.

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