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The Otherworlds Inc strives you give you the greatest quality of work to help your project be as visually compelling as it is enchanting to the mind. Our portfolio is growing with every project we add to the Otherwords Inc family of works.

Check out some of our best works to date and see if something excites your senses!


Font and Size

No detail is too small for making your work as visually appealing as possible. Each work can be customized to meet specialty needs.

Interior Formatting

Indents, line spacing, page numbers, custom headers and footers, and chapter breaks are a breeze for our talented formatters.

Interior Art

Do you have some imagery you would like to include inside your work? We can help you modify the images and insert them into the body of the text.

Formatting Gallery

If you are interested in hiring Otherworlds Inc to format your book for self-publishing, check out our Author Services Page.

Cover Art Gallery


Ashley Simonburn

Yoga Trainer

Michael Traumbie

Inner balance Trainer

Lee Lee Morgan

Chakra Cleansing Trainer

Cover Art Gallery

Addiction When Gambling

Optimize next-generation bandwidth

No Longer Wired For Sound

Expedite innovative deliverables

Looking For Printing Solutions

Deliver customized e-business

Comics Gallery

There are many areas which must be addressed when crafting a quality comic book. Out talented artists will work hard to be sure the many visual layers of your comic work are seamless and stunning.



We can help you to arrange your images and their sizing to meet any production size standards.



The colorscape of the art helps to set the mood for the comic. Our artists can customize your work to match your vision.



Every comic fanatic knows how the just right lettering can add voice to a characters dialogue. We can help you visually enhance your character's voice- be it sweet or sinister.


Each product needs a unique blend of advertising, and here at The Otherworlds Inc we take the time to understand your project and help you decide where best to invest your advertising budget.

The Otherworlds Inc is a full service publishing studio, we even do website design! We can craft a beautiful and informative website to meet your unique needs!

The help Otherworlds Inc can provide extends beyond formatting and images, we also have marketing experience!

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